Memoirs of an ambassador

In these extracts from his new book, former US ambassador to Spain James Costos talks about throwing parties for Michelle Obama, seeing history made from his living room and negotiating uncomfortable political situations


Facing uproar, Spain’s Supreme Court will reconsider who pays mortgage tax

Less than 24 hours after it emerged that banks, and not clients, will be forced to pay the duty, magistrates decide to review the decision due to “enormous economic and social repercussions”


The place where bleach “cures” autism and vaccines spread epidemics

Platforms such as Facebook and YouTube are failing to combat the spread of disinformation about health and hoax remedies for conditions


El Roto

El Roto cartoon, October 19, 2018


“Cold drop” wreaks havoc in Spain’s eastern coast and Balearic Islands

Around 30 people were rescued from their cars as torrential rain batters the country, causing flooding, traffic problems and road closures


Real time forecast | See the weather across Spain on this interactive graphic

The map shows the likely arrival of showers, winds and other phenomena over the next 12 hours across the Iberian peninsula


Spanish Supreme Court rules banks, not clients, must pay mortgage tax

The decision heralds a potential flood of legal claims from borrowers who paid the AJD fee