Indignant protestors return to Madrid site of 2011 sit-in base camp

Movement seen as angrier and more divided than at spark of global demonstrations two years ago

Mystery over businessmen found riddled with bullets inside car in Mexico

Two Spaniards supposedly on gourmet tour of crime-ridden Sinaloa state


Guatemala’s historic verdict

The conviction of former ruler Ríos Montt for genocide at last draws a line under impunity


Peerless Nadal claims 40th clay-court title in Madrid

Spaniard matches Thomas Muster’s mark as he bears down on all-time record held by Guillermo Vilas


Alonso delights fans with Spain win

Ferrari driver beats Raikkonen to claim commanding victory in Montmeló


Neighborly assistance

Barça gifted 22nd Liga title as cross-town rival Espanyol ties 1-1 with Real Madrid


New Coast Law to help half a million people, says ministry

Over 5,000 beachfront businesses to be saved from threat of closure along with homes built on public land

A new revolution of micro-theaters

In the troubled cultural climate, playhouses are downsizing, with surprising results


Spanish police finally get hold of slippery British robbery suspect

Andrew Terence Moran had twice slipped between the fingers of law enforcement officers


“Falciani’s future isn’t going to be decided in a Spanish court”

French public prosecutor Éric de Montgolfier discovered the HSBC tax evasion whistleblower’s encrypted files in a small town in southern France

Police complain of nausea caused by drugs haul

Seized marijuana said to be affecting “officers and detainees” after long storage process


Magda has a visa

A mother will see her son graduate from a US college thanks to a warm-hearted response

Spain’s Malian mission

Soldiers are training local forces for the battle against jihadists