Video: Tense incident between Spanish and Russian aircraft over Baltic Sea

Footage shows NATO-led jet closely tagging plane reportedly carrying Russian defense minister


Political instability in Spain takes a toll on global image

A study based on 2017 World Bank figures shows the country has fallen two spots to 27th on the international index


In wake of failed investiture bid, Socialists rule out coalition government

Acting deputy PM Carmen Calvo said the party would not negotiate Cabinet positions with Unidas Podemos after the anti-austerity group abstained from last week’s crucial vote

Spanish politics

Spain’s acting PM accuses center-right of shunning “the wrong party”

At Monday’s investiture debate, Pedro Sánchez argued that the far-right Vox party represents the real threat to Spanish democracy, and not his Socialist group


The day that Trump ignored Spain in mission to stop an Iranian oil tanker

The US partnered with London, not Madrid, to stop a vessel bound for Syria in breach of EU sanctions that passed near Gibraltar in disputed territorial waters


Vox sends out personal insults to Ciudadanos chief via Twitter

The official account for the far-right party posted a message calling Albert Rivera “scared” and “shameless,” and accused him of “kissing [French President Emmanuel] Macron’s ass”


Vox rejects City Hall deal after spat with Popular Party

The far-right group has accused the conservatives of breaking a power-sharing agreement and has said it will “move to the opposition” in Madrid in response


Spain accepts more US troops at Cádiz naval base without redrafting defense pact

Government sources say this step was bypassed, given the difficulty involved with modifying the agreement in the current climate in Spain of political uncertainty


After admitting defeat, Madrid mayor may try to retain office after all

The former judge hopes to remain in her role as Vox threatens to let the left govern if Ciudadanos refuses to negotiate with the far-right party


Will Sunday’s elections in Spain trigger a new era of coalitions?

Polls suggest the fragmentation seen at the national vote will extend to the local and regional level, giving added clout to small parties such as far-right group Vox


US conveys displeasure over Spain’s decision to withdraw frigate

The American embassy in Madrid has informally complained that the move to pull the ‘Méndez Núñez’ from a combat group in the Persian Gulf was communicated through military channels, not diplomatic ones


Spain defends decision to pull frigate from US combat group headed for Gulf

Acting Defense Minister Margarita Robles insists the move is technical, not political, and that the ship will rejoin the fleet once it reaches the Indian Ocean


Vox enters Congress for the first time but falls short of expectations

Far-right leader Santiago Abascal admitted the election result was a source of “joy but also concern” after the right-wing bloc failed to secure enough votes to form a government

Attack on North Korean Embassy

Former US marine arrested over attack on North Korean embassy in Madrid

Christopher Ahn, who is allegedly a member of the dissident group Free Joseon, is accused of taking part on the raid on the diplomatic headquarters on February 22


Vox party official under scrutiny for alleged hate speech against Muslims

Spanish prosecutors are investigating a complaint by an Islamic association in connection with a rally that talked about “the Islamist invasion”

Spanish Civil War

The most explosive legacy of the Spanish Civil War

Today marks 80 years since the end of the conflict, but the authorities continue to make more than a thousand unexploded bombs and other devices safe every year

Attack on North Korean Embassy

North Korean embassy assailants filmed the attack to prove their actions, say Spanish police

Investigators say the group used micro-cameras to provide evidence of the raid to whoever ordered and financed the operation

Attack on North Korean embassy

Spanish judge issues international arrest warrants against two attackers of the North Korean embassy

The US denies any involvement in the mysterious break-in, although the group leader contacted the FBI


Spain’s National Security Council warns xenophobia is on the rise

Agency says more funding is needed to support migrant integration, given the growing number of arrivals

General elections in Spain

Spain’s Vox party enlists homophobic pseudohistorian to run for Congress

Fernando Paz has made revisionist statements regarding the Nuremberg trials and the Holocaust


Vox leader calls for law change so Spaniards can keep guns at home

“We are a common-sense party and of course we support the right to self-defense of upstanding Spaniards,” says Santiago Abascal, the head of the far-right group


CIA implicated in attack on North Korean embassy in Madrid

According to Spanish investigators, two of the men who broke into the diplomatic headquarters have connections to the US intelligence service


Member of far-right Vox party arrested for alleged sexual abuse of disabled man

The group has tried to distance itself from José Antonio Ortiz Cambray, denying that he was the president of its branch in the Catalan city of Lleida

Historical memory

Spanish sailor faces 30 days in custody for signing declaration against Franco

Navy believes the first corporal jeopardized the neutrality of the armed forces by criticizing the former Spanish dictator


Trump put pressure on Spain to break ties with Venezuela’s Maduro

US Embassy in Madrid notified Spanish government before Juan Guaidó declared himself interim president

Freedom of the press

Venezuela releases detained journalists working for Spanish news agency

Authorities are preparing to deport two Colombians and a Spaniard who were held on Wednesday in Caracas as they were covering the crisis for EFE

Armed Forces

Defense Ministry discharges soldier who reported boss for sexual harassment

The abuse left the woman with post-traumatic stress disorder and she was deemed mentally unfit to remain in the Air Force