Accounts reveal Google Spain employees earn average €145k per year

Spanish subsidiary tripled the taxes it paid in 2016, after being investigated by the authorities


El Roto

El Roto cartoon, September 27, 2017


The Spanish government must take the lead on Catalonia

The executive cannot continue to delegate its responsibilities over the October 1 referendum to the judiciary and prosecutors



Ros cartoon, September 27, 2017


Catalan independence crisis delays passage of Spanish 2018 budget

Basque nationalists are withholding necessary support until after October 1 referendum date

Catalan bid for independence

Donald Trump: “It would be foolish of Catalonia not to stay with Spain”

During White House visit by Spanish PM Rajoy, US president expresses “respect” for country, saying he would like to see it remain united


“The relatives of many Nazis have no identity that is not tied to their family”

The granddaughter of concentration camp commander Amon Göth explains the shock of discovering her origins