Bank of Spain eyes tax hikes to offset soaring debt from Covid-19 crisis

Central bank announces its medium-term plan for an economy that contracted 5.2% in the first quarter due to the lockdown


El Roto

El Roto cartoon, June 30, 2020


Four ideas damaged by Covid-19

What do international cooperation, Washington’s prestige, fiscal austerity and globalization have in common?


As EU prepares to reopen borders, Spanish experts stress importance of coronavirus safety measures

Epidemiologists share their recommendations to minimize the risk of contagion as the European Union agrees to allow visitors from 15 countries – but not the United States


Spain resorted to ‘gag law’ more than ever before during coronavirus lockdown

Within the first 75 days of confinement, the Interior Ministry issued nearly 1.1 million sanctions, up 42% from the amount handed out between 2015 and 2018


Barcelona’s post-Covid club scene: Empty dance floors and face masks

Nightlife is returning to the Catalan city but with strict safety and hygiene measures in place to minimize the risk of coronavirus contagion