Pandemic reactions, exaggerations and confusion

Every major crisis sets off a storm of conspiracy theories, bad ideas and disproportionate responses

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The war on truth

We have more information than ever before, but its veracity is often in doubt

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This is not normal

Around the world, governing is becoming more difficult and, in many cases, impossible


Economic inequality: What’s new?

Since 2010, the share of Americans aged between 18 and 29 who hold a favorable view of capitalism has fallen from 68% to 45%


Politician-eating beasts

Once the political system in some countries learns how to toss out a head of state, it seems to develop a taste for it, and starts doing it again and again


Cherry blossoms and nervous bankers

While there is consensus that the capitalist system needs major reforms, there is no agreement on what these reforms should be


Six toxins that weaken democracy

The electoral successes of Brexit, Trump and Chávez have some revealing commonalities

The Global Observer

Islam by numbers

In Muslim countries incomes are lower than in the rest of the world, while illiteracy is higher and life expectancy lower. Why?

The Global Observer

Who do you trust?

We don’t believe the government or the experts, but we do believe anonymous social media posts


A booming market for charlatans

We have to accept that democracy requires more effort than just casting a vote every few years


What FIFA and the Vatican have in common

Both institutions have a long history of unacceptable behavior on the part of some of their members


Two explosive reports

While appearing to be of little interest to the general public at first glance, the institutions that sponsored them and the credibility of their authors make these warnings difficult to ignore


It wasn’t the caravan or the economy, it was the women

While Trump was busy frightening supporters about an imminent refugee invasion, American women were getting out the vote for women candidates


Forgiving Trump

In January 2016, Donald Trump said: “I could stand in the middle of Fifth Avenue and shoot somebody and I wouldn’t lose voters.” When Americans vote in the mid-term elections this Tuesday, we’ll see if that is really true


Mexico’s AMLO and Brazil’s Bolsonaro: very different... and very similar

Two rising Latin American leaders have figured out voters are hungry for messiah figures, not lectures about the institutions that limit presidential power


What if money disappears?

Relying on colored pieces of paper for our transactions will soon become a thing of the past


It started with porn

Deepfake is a new and powerful weapon in the arsenal available to the merchants of lies


Interesting times ahead

Political instability distracts us from economic challenges while economic crises distract us from our political problems


López Obrador’s dangerous temptation

Will Mexico’s president-elect try to change the Constitution in order to stay in power?


An opaque world

The best antidote to covert meddling is an independent media, but that too is being stealthily meddled with

Political corruption

Kleptocracy and kakistocracy

In a kleptocracy all high-level government officials are complicit and their priority is to enrich themselves, and use their accumulated wealth to perpetuate themselves in power


Two paradoxes

Hackers and whistle-blowers have pulled back the curtain on the international financial system while autocrats go out of their way to stage fake elections


Nicolás Maduro and the banality of evil

This article is a blow-by-blow dissection of the statements made by the Venezuelan president in a recent op-ed published in EL PAÍS

Venezuela-Cuba relations

The secret memo to Raúl Castro

“We have managed to control the nation with the largest oil reserves on the planet without firing a single shot and without openly involving our armed forces. And we have done it without the world realizing that the Venezuelan government’s most important decisions are made by us”

Gun Control

Four American Tragedies

The US government is failing to protect its citizens from the predatory behavior of some corporations. Irresponsibly lax gun control, the opioid epidemic, pharmaceutical price gouging and the ravages of climate change are just four examples

Elections in Venezuela

What Zapatero Knows

Venezuelans want to vote, but not in elections where traps and tricks will guarantee the continuity of this government

World Development Report

Education: The world’s biggest scam?

The problem is no longer the lack of schooling but rather that once children get there, they do not learn