Valencia backtracks on plan to ban cremation of very obese bodies

Concerned about the air pollution created by a practice that is in growing demand, regional authorities have come up with a list of measures to curtail emissions from incineration


Spanish government planning to ban sale of gasoline, diesel cars from 2040

The draft climate change law also includes a prohibition on the controversial method of “fracking,” and will encourage the use of renewable energies


“Sea or river?” The stark choice Lisbon airport gave a stricken plane for landing

For two hours on Sunday, an aircraft from a Kazakhstani airline was left in the air with no controls. It eventually touched down safely escorted by two F-16 fighter jets


Animal rights group decries “devastating” condition of circus animals in Granada

The Roma Dola traveling troupe is accused of keeping a hippopotamus permanently in the sun, failing to care for two camels or help a duck with two broken wings


Spain’s audit court tells organizers of 2014 Catalan vote to pay back €4.9m

Ex-regional premier Artur Mas and several aides are held accountable for the public funds that were used to hold a symbolic independence referendum that predates the one held on October 1, 2017


Who is the young heir to southern Spain’s hashish trade?

Following the arrests of his father and uncle, 20-year-old Darren Tejón’s leadership is being put to the test


Spain’s position on Kosovo could hurt its chances to host major sports events

International Olympic Committee says it will encourage international federations not to host competitions in Spain unless Kosovar athletes are allowed there under their own flag


El Roto

El Roto cartoon, November 13, 2018