Valencia takes paella to the next level

Spain’s most emblematic dish is also its most corrupted. Paella has become the generic term for hundreds of random rice recipes. But demand for the real thing is growing. The dish may need no translation these days, but it’s time to talk about its roots. This is a trip from the wetlands of La Albufera where the rice is grown, to the Michelin-starred restaurants where the humble grain is transformed into haute cuisine


Notorious Franco-era cop to be stripped of medals and extra pension

Measure announced after PM Sánchez and Podemos chief meet over next year’s budget, but the legal tool that will be used to remove “Billy the Kid’s” decorations are still a mystery


Pierre Moscovici: “Spain is not Italy: it complies with the rules”

The EU finance commissioner talks about the need for more economic reforms and the danger posed by illiberal forces as Europe faces elections next year


The irreplaceable scientific treasures lost in Brazil’s National Museum blaze

A recent fire has destroyed some of South America’s oldest fossils, as well as irretrievable recordings of native languages no longer spoken



Ros cartoon, September 7, 2018


El Roto

El Roto cartoon, September 7, 2018


Spanish PM, Podemos draft deal that could serve as governing blueprint

Leftist leader Pablo Iglesias says that he sees himself as “a partner in government” after agreeing on a raft of far-reaching measures on housing, taxes, education and more