With no end to crisis in sight, Caracas businesses shut down in droves

There were 80,000 establishments 15 years ago, and half that amount today, say industry leaders


One in three Spanish women has felt sexually harassed, new poll finds

In a country in which barely any statistical data exists on the issue, experts and unions believe that the problem is going under-reported


Papers Catalan police tried to burn implicate latest nominee for premier

Internal memos the Mossos d’Esquadra were to incinerate contain damning information on Jordi Sànchez as well as former force chief

Elections in Venezuela

What Zapatero Knows

Venezuelans want to vote, but not in elections where traps and tricks will guarantee the continuity of this government

Racism in Spain

Attacker of black actor in Madrid: “I’m white. I can kill you, nothing will happen”

A woman allegedly insulted Marius Makon, calling him a “black piece of shit” and hitting him twice with a bottle, but was released by police after making a statement


El Roto

El Roto cartoon, March 6, 2018



Ros cartoon, March 6, 2018

Roman Spain

Storm uncovers ancient remains of Roman aqueduct and road in Cádiz

Waterway dates to 1st century and is deemed one of the greatest feats of engineering in Roman Hispania