Spanish judge shelves case tying Women’s Day march to spread of Covid-19

The political right had made much of the government's alleged role in allowing public gatherings on March 8, when the coronavirus epidemic began to be apparent


Spain edges closer to ‘new normality’ with final coronavirus phase change

Most parts of the country will enter the final stage of the deescalation process on Monday, which will end on June 21 when the state of alarm expires


Thermal imaging and e-forms: How Spain will screen for Covid-19 when the travel ban is lifted

Experts warn about the difficulty of detecting the coronavirus when thousands of visitors start coming in by sea and air each day


Spain reports 156 new coronavirus cases in 24 hours and 32 deaths in a week

The Spanish Health Ministry has still not updated the total number of victims, which stands at 27,136 for the fifth day running


El Roto

El Roto cartoon, June 12, 2020


Antonio Huertas: ‘We have to break the mental confinement’

The chairman of Spain’s leading insurance company Mapfre believes we have to deal with the psychological fallout from the coronavirus lockdown in order to return to normal life and beat the pandemic