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Jailed Catalan deputies-elect call for their release, trial to be suspended

Five of the politicians in court for their roles in the 2017 pro-independence drive won seats in Congress and the Senate at the general election, but are still being held in custody


‘Sicansíos’: ‘Game of Thrones’ dubbing mistake exposes precarious sector in Spain

Fears over piracy and spoilers have led to strict security measures that make it harder for voice actors to do their job, while the streaming boom has increased job insecurity


El Roto

El Roto cartoon, May 8, 2019


Barcelona’s push for an “animalist” zoo signals end of a 127-year era

Animal welfare groups hail move phasing out most breeding programs, but conservation experts say initiative shows little understanding of how these centers help endangered species

Spanish election

Post-election Spain: “Agreeing to agree” is the only certainty so far

Acting PM Pedro Sánchez met with the leaders of Ciudadanos and Podemos on Tuesday in a bid to forge governing alliances following the general election of April 28