We were the lazy ones

These days, soccer players have to contest 10 or 20 more games a year than we did in my day, while pre-season matches are played out in paradisiacal destinations at 40ºC in the shade


What you might have missed at the 2019 Spanish general election

The result of the Senate vote, the fate of bullfighters who stood for seats in Congress and the disappointing performance of Spain’s animal-rights party may have passed you by


Post-election Spain: Don’t expect governing deals anytime soon

Despite the fragmented scenario, nobody is in a rush to negotiate until after the local, regional and European Union elections of May 26

Dangers of new technology

Cellphones and alcohol: a recipe for sexual harassment in Spain

Young women are particularly at risk of suffering from new forms of violence such as sextortion, revenge porn and cyberstalking


Man who killed wife and son in Tenerife cave showing no remorse

The suspect has only spoken to ask for medication for his aching leg, but has shown no interest in his surviving son Jonas, leading investigators to believe the crime was premeditated


El Roto

El Roto cartoon, April 30, 2019


Jailed Catalan separatists need Supreme Court permission to take seats in Congress and Senate

Five pro-independence leaders were voted in as deputies or senators on Sunday but cannot be sworn in to their roles unless they are physically present at the ceremony