The alleged sexual assault filmed on Spain’s ‘Big Brother’: ‘Nobody did anything!’

A Madrid court has been investigating a suspected case of abuse of a female contestant that was caught on camera during the filming of ‘Gran Hermano’


Coronavirus: A civic commitment

The situation in Spain could worsen; it’s up to public officials and citizens to ensure that the virus does not spread out of control


El Roto

El Roto cartoon, March 9, 2020

International Women’s Day

Women’s Day marches in Spain attract mass numbers despite coronavirus fears

Although turnout was lower than previous years, tens of thousands of people across the country took to the street to protest for greater gender equality


Madrid, Basque city close schools as coronavirus continues spread in Spain

The number of people infected doubled in the Madrid region in just 24 hours, with the nationwide count reaching 1,236 by Monday evening and the total death toll 30

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