¿Qué? podcast, S03E1: New elections and Brexit

This week we discuss why Spain is heading back to the polls for the fourth time in four years, and look at the Spanish government’s demand for reciprocity in the conditions for migrants after the UK leaves the EU


Latest voter survey sees Socialists put on five points compared to April poll

Data from the CIS public research institute also reveals that more people than ever consider Spain’s politicians and parties to be a problem since records began

Gender violence

Knitting butterflies as therapy: “I’m still a mother, but I don’t have my daughters”

A year after her two children were murdered by her ex-husband, Itziar Prats is finding the strength to move forward thanks to a new project aimed at raising awareness

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This is not normal

Around the world, governing is becoming more difficult and, in many cases, impossible


Two Catalan separatists confess to making and testing explosives

Both were held on Monday as part of a raid against suspected terrorist activity by members of the Committees to Defend the Republic (CDR)


El Roto

El Roto cartoon, September 26, 2019


University hazing in Spain: “I was made to eat my own vomit mixed with soup”

A viral video brings renewed attention to a practice that officials are trying to eradicate