Adiós to Diego and adiós to Maradona

There is something perverse in a life that saw all of his dreams come true and in which he suffered the generosity of his destiny like no one else. It was the fatal path from his condition as a mere mortal to legend that divided him in two

US elections

Why I voted for Trump

After four years of controversy, the histrionic US president has managed to keep his support base. A handful of the people who voted for him in Ohio, a state he won despite his overall defeat, explain why Trump still got their ballot


Obama: “Significant damage has been done in the US and around the world by Trump”

In a conversation with the editor-in-chief of EL PAÍS, the former president reflects on the current moment and the pandemic, Donald Trump’s four years in power, the polarization in his country and also the future with Joe Biden in charge of the United States. His conclusion is optimistic – a cautious optimism


The long goodbye to Donald Trump

If millions of citizens refuse to believe that the US elections were clean, despite a mountain of evidence to the contrary, how can we start to dialogue with them?


Two Latinas write to Vice President-elect Kamala Harris

The election of the first Black woman to office in the United States is transformative for our generation and our daughters


Punta Mita: A private peninsula that’s become a coronavirus bolthole for the ultra-wealthy

In this remote corner of Mexico, a clutch of villas and two hotels are inspired by indigenous architecture with touches of luxury beyond the reach of all but the select few


Trump’s other walls

The most efficient barrier built by the 45th president of the United States is not made of cement or steel. Instead, what’s managed to stop both legal and illegal immigration is an intricate web of executive actions, administrative orders and agreements with other countries obtained through threats. The real and virtual hurdles built over the last four years have affected the lives of thousands


Democracy in the balance

What’s at stake following a tense US election is more than a choice between two different political projects: it is the unity and stability of American society


The US elections and global governance

The presidential race is important, but it won’t change things all by itself. The world needs institutions that are able to control inequality, poverty, environmental destruction and war


The political economy of Trump

The United States can protect itself against turbulence, but doing so against a great recession is a lot more difficult, and that is the danger if the Democrats get to the White House but fail to win the Senate


Hispanic voters could be key in Arizona, Florida and Pennsylvania

Latinos have become the most important minority in the US this year, and winning their votes in a few key states could deliver victory


How the polls are closing in the US: Trump’s options and other key points according to the surveys

Biden is the favorite and has an advantage of the Republican that is greater than the one Clinton had. That said, Trump still has a one-in-six chance of winning


Social media’s business model is a threat to democracy – it’s time to change it

These companies are eroding our democratic institutions. The creator of Facebook’s ‘Like’ button says only public pressure and collective action can put a stop to it


The nightmare facing Venezuelan tourists still stranded in Spain

Seven months on since the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic, 200 visitors from Venezuela remain trapped in the country, with many surviving thanks to the kindness of strangers


Critical race theory and the 2020 US election

In 2016, Donald Trump fought against immigrants; now he attacks the Black Lives Matter movement – both campaigns are linked by white nationalism


Jihadist ex-combatant in Spain: ‘I am still living in Guantánamo’

EL PAÍS tracked down three former inmates of the US military prison who were taken in by Spanish authorities a decade ago and still have trouble integrating into society


David Remnick: ‘The United States has been an imperfect democracy since its founding’

The editor of ‘The New Yorker’ talks to EL PAÍS about Donald Trump and the deepening ideological differences his country faces as it heads towards elections in November


Bolsonaro and Trump: So what?

While the two presidents exhale fumes of toxic masculinity as a form of political showmanship, their two countries are vying for first place in the coronavirus pandemic’s tragic numbers


Anti-virus company founder John McAfee arrested in Spain on tax evasion charges


Justice Ginsburg has died: Rest in Power

Given the worldwide scarcity of women as judicial authorities, the US Supreme Court Justice will be missed even more


Anna Maria: The Spaniard who survived 16 bayonet wounds during the Battle of Manila

In 1945, when she was just a girl, ‘Anita’ watched Japanese troops kill her parents and siblings. But she remembers nothing of what happened in the Philippines, choosing to focus on her second life after the atrocity

US-EU trade relations

US to maintain 25% tariffs on Spanish cheese, wine and other products

Washington will continue imposing duties on European Union exports despite calls from a bipartisan group of 13 US senators to suspend the measures


American fascism?

What is truly alarming about the current moment is not the set of actions that the Trump administration is undertaking, but rather the historical context in which these actions are taking place


Covid-19 hospital beds and abortion

There is hard evidence that the pandemic presents a heightened risk to reproductive health


The Three Amigos

Trump, Bolsonaro and López Obrador couldn’t be more different. Or more similar


Fearless aesthetics

Painting murals on streets and digging graves in beaches are acts of courage against the powers that control public spaces