Nicaragua exorcism: “God told us to make a fire to expel the devil from her”

Head of religious group and four others held after burning a young woman thought to be possessed


Daniel Ortega wins third presidential term in Nicaragua

Early results show overwhelming victory for former guerrilla and his wife in questioned election


Nicaragua’s closed-border policy pushes migrants to take desperate measures

Sandinista government’s increasingly tough line leaves thousands stranded in camps in Costa Rica

Latin America

Nicaragua deports hundreds of Cuban migrants back to Costa Rica

Managua accuses San Jose of violating international laws by allowing them to cross over Families are trying to reach the United States through Central America and Mexico

Latin America

Nicaragua’s President Ortega keeping power in the family

Critics say leader is violating Constitution by naming wife and children to posts


Nicaragua begins constructing inter-oceanic canal amid protests

Farmers block roads to demonstrate against $50bn project to link Pacific with Caribbean


Massacre of Sandinistas in Nicaragua unleashes campaign of repression

Police and military launch a witch hunt in the communities of the opposition

latin america

“Nicaragua is one of Latin America’s safest countries — but not for women”

The nation of six million reported 46 female murder victims in the first three months of 2014


FBI seeks victims of suspected sex predator who taught in Madrid

William Vahey committed suicide after officials in Nicaragua discovered images of young boys

latin america

Calm returns to Nicaragua after a chain of strong earthquakes rocks capital

A team of international experts in Managua wants to determine what sparked the tremors

latin america

Nicaragua issues red alert after earthquakes shake the capital

Seismic activity may be from first major crustal plate movements since 1972’s devastating quake


Nicaragua takes Colombia to court again over maritime rights

Managua asks The Hague justices to map out Caribbean waters belonging to both nations

Nicaragua gives Chinese investors 50-year-contract to build canal

Lack of studies and guarantees raise suspicions among Ortega’s critics

Violence and extermination in the lungs of Central America

Indigenous communities say Nicaraguan government has left them at mercy of illegal settlers