Spanish government ups security measures over concerns for safety of ministers

Podemos politicians Pablo Iglesias and Irene Montero have been subjected to four months of harassment outside their home in Madrid, and this week were forced to cut short their vacation


A ten-year-old girl aborts

Pregnancy alienates someone of that age from her own body; it is an extension of her perpetrator’s abusive acts. But extremists are not reasonable about either rights or science, and abortion inflames their feelings of hate


‘Judge, a robot stole my job’ – Spain’s courts take on automation in the workplace

A number of recent rulings have sided with workers who were fired after being replaced by more efficient machines, but there is debate over whether this is hindering innovation


Coronavirus deaths reported by Spain’s Health Ministry beginning to rise

The number of Covid-19 victims in the last week stands at 131, a figure 11 times higher than that reported just a month ago and twice the number reported on Tuesday