The top breakfast and brunch spots in Barcelona and Madrid

Both cities have adopted a trend that began in New York City and adapted it to fresh, local Mediterranean produce. And judging by the numbers, it looks like it has been a success.


University chief withdraws support for Madrid leader over degree scandal

Javier Ramos makes statement saying he can no longer certify that regional premier Cristina Cifuentes defended her thesis in 2012


Autopsy reveals young Gabriel Cruz died “one to two hours after lunch”

Stomach samples show eight-year-old was murdered soon after being taken away by father’s girlfriend


Ousted Catalan premier released from German prison on €75,000 bail

Court in north of country has freed Carles Puigdemont while it continues to study extradition request from Spain over his role in independence drive

Personal leadership

Why is it so hard to follow our dreams?

If we are to reach our true goals we need to be able to clearly identify what are mere fantasies and shallow desires

Spanish politics

Prosecutors to probe Madrid regional leader master’s degree scandal

Popular Party’s Cristina Cifuentes says she will not resign despite courts now investigating document forgery claims



Ros cartoon, April 6, 2018


El Roto

El Roto cartoon, April 6, 2018


Catalan deadlock affecting not just politics, government workers warn

Spending projects on hold as politicians fail to produce new leadership before fresh election must be held


Spanish roads deal adaptive cycling champion second, deadly blow

José Ángel Aceitón, who was left a quadriplegic after a car ran over him when he was 17, has died in another traffic collision