Elections in Spain

With elections looming, Spanish poll shows 60% of undecided voters are female

Four million women have yet to decide who to vote for in April and May, and parties are scrambling to attract their attention


Right-wing parties attract tens of thousands to protest against Spanish PM

The conservative Popular Party, center-right Ciudadanos and far-right Vox called the demonstration in response to Pedro Sánchez’s handling of the Catalan independence drive


Opposition calls for street protests to “throw out” Prime Minister Sánchez

The calls from the Popular Party and Ciudadanos came after it emerged that a “rapporteur” will be present at talks between Madrid and Catalan political parties


Prime minister goes to Strasbourg to defend Spanish democracy and law

Pedro Sánchez will meet with the head of the European Court of Human Rights and give a speech to respond to Catalan separatists’ arguments that there are political prisoners in Spain


Spain’s center-right mulls deal with Vox to gain control of Andalusia

Socialist Party suffers an unexpected setback as it stands to get ousted after 36 years in power


Former French PM Manuel Valls set to run for mayor of Barcelona

Ciudadanos has backed the nomination, which is due to be confirmed on Tuesday in the Catalan capital


Cameraman assaulted at protest against pro-Catalan independence symbols

The journalist was punched in the head while filming the demonstration, which was called to support a woman who was allegedly attacked for taking down yellow ribbons


Ciudadanos leaders remove yellow ribbons in Catalan town

Party chiefs Albert Rivera and Inés Arrimadas made the symbolic gesture in front of reporters on Wednesday in Alella (Barcelona), to jeers and whistles from local residents

Catalan politics

Pressure builds on PM to take stand against independence symbols in Catalonia

Ciudadanos and the PP have called on Pedro Sánchez to ban yellow ribbons from public spaces as tensions rise in the region


Spanish Cabinet approves decree to exhume Franco’s remains

A modification of the Historical Memory Law will legally safeguard the exhumation of the former dictator, before the initiative is put to a historic vote in Congress


Ciudadanos calls for fresh suspension of Catalan powers after comments by premier

Party wants Socialist government to use Article 155 to take action against Quim Torra, after he vows his government will “attack” the “unjust Spanish state”

Spanish politics

New Spanish PM seeks to send firm message with Cabinet picks

Pedro Sánchez counters claims about a weak government with Socialist lineup that includes several women and a non-separatist Catalan


New Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez: the unexpected survivor

The leader of the Socialist Party has recovered from many political setbacks over the last few years to become the new head of the government


No-confidence motion against Spanish prime minister gathers momentum

Mariano Rajoy calls the Socialists “Torquemadas” because of their “inquisitorial approach”

Corruption in Spain

Socialist Party chief calls for transitional government, new elections

In the wake of the Gürtel corruption ruling, Pedro Sánchez has filed a vote of no confidence in Congress against Popular Party Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy

Crisis in Catalonia

New Catalan premier visits Puigdemont in Berlin, asks for end to direct rule

Spain’s two main parties renew their agreement to fight “challenges” by Catalan leader

Spanish politics

Eyeing 2019 elections, Spain’s leftist parties make surprising moves

Madrid Mayor Manuela Carmena has been approached by rival Socialists to run as their own candidate in upcoming polls


Madrid prepares for prolonged control over gridlocked Catalonia

Central authorities had been hoping that a new regional government would in place by now


Time to go Mr Rajoy? Latest poll reveals most voters want PM to quit

Survey shows 85% of Spaniards say veteran politician should hand PP leadership to someone else


Why Spain’s political left is in decline

Around 1.7 million left-wing voters say they would consider voting for a different party or abstaining

Catalan elecion

Ciudadanos under pressure to try and form government in Catalonia

But party says it does not have the numbers and is watching moves of secessionist bloc

Catalan elections

Socialists rule out power-sharing deal with separatists after Catalan election

But center-right party Ciudadanos does not trust the PSC, which has also refused to create a unionist alliance


Catalan separatists accept new election as “plebiscite” on Article 155

Ciudadanos unsuccessful at crafting preliminary deal bringing together unionist parties in the region

Crisis in Catalonia

Catalan separatists want to declare independence on Friday

Spanish parties divided over option of halting emergency measures if Puigdemont calls early election


Catalan leader’s ally vows to fight “nuclear” option of early election

Far-left CUP party rejects a move that could potentially halt the suspension of home rule


Catalan leader weighs Senate appearance over emergency measures

Carles Puigdemont is ignoring suggestions to stop activation of Article 155 by calling early elections

Catalan crisis

Socialists back PM over Catalan home rule, win support for constitutional reform

If Article 155 is finally invoked, it will end in new regional elections, Rajoy and Sánchez agree