Ros cartoon, August 28, 2018


Migrants stranded in Basque Country as France steps up border controls

Hundreds of people from Sub-Saharan Africa have been sent back into Spain by French police, regardless of whether they have the right to apply for asylum


Police arrest 10 migrants who rushed the Spanish border fence in July

The men have been detained on allegations of “criminal organization” as well as for violent acts against the authorities when they crossed into Ceuta from Morocco

Catalan politics

Pressure builds on PM to take stand against independence symbols in Catalonia

Ciudadanos and the PP have called on Pedro Sánchez to ban yellow ribbons from public spaces as tensions rise in the region


Arrest of Dutch man in Barcelona could solve one of Holland’s most infamous cases

After a DNA match was found, officers detained Jos Brech on suspicion of the sexual abuse and murder of 11-year-old Nicky Verstappen in 1998