Jürgen Habermas: “For God’s sake, spare us governing philosophers!”

On the eve of his 89th birthday, one of the world’s most influential living thinkers is looking spry as he offers his view on the most pressing issues of our time from his home in Starnberg, including nationalism, immigration, the internet and Europe


Why the Champions League final in Ukraine is proving a “nightmare” for fans

The difficulty and expense of getting to Kiev has put off many Real Madrid supporters from attending the match

Corruption in Spain

Socialist Party chief calls for transitional government, new elections

In the wake of the Gürtel corruption ruling, Pedro Sánchez has filed a vote of no confidence in Congress against Popular Party Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy


Rajoy accuses Socialists of weakening Spain with no-confidence motion

PM rules out calling early elections, and says the motion seeks to advance partisan agendas, not the interests of Spain


El Roto

El Roto cartoon, May 25, 2018



Ros cartoon, May 25, 2018


Zombie government

The Gürtel ruling has left Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy without a leg to stand on


The last tenant standing

Rafael de la Concepción may live in one of Madrid’s most expensive neighborhoods, but his is anything but a life of luxury, and the owners of the property want him out