Gaudí’s last tenant

The writer Ana Viladomiu is the only resident living in La Pedrera, a World Heritage building designed by the iconic Catalan architect and visited by over one million tourists a year

Art in Spain

A vision reborn: Museum of iconic Spanish sculptor Eduardo Chillida opens once again

After closing due to management and financial problems, the magical outdoor sculpture park and gallery will welcome in visitors from April 17 to contemplate the work of one of Spain’s most internationally renowned 20th-century artists


In bed with Roberto Polo

Roberto Polo is not easily defined. The owner of a vast art collection, some of which is being shipped to Toledo and Cuenca, he was friends with artists, bankers and celebrities in 1980s New York. He also did jail time, had a close call with death, and was born again. This larger-than-life character has a motto: "Only mediocre men never have problems"


The exorcism of ‘Charlie Hebdo’ survivor Philippe Lançon

On January 7, 2015, the Kouachi brothers burst into the offices of the satirical publication ‘Charlie Hebdo’ in Paris, armed with assault rifles. Shouting, “Allah is great!” they killed 12 people. The writer and journalist Philippe Lançon suffered terrible injuries to his face and subsequently spent nine months in hospital, undergoing surgery 17 – going on 18 – times. He then returned to ‘normal life’, which is, of course, far from ‘normal’. “It’s not the same because I am no longer me,” he explains. His book ‘Le Lambeau,’ which received critical acclaim in France, has acted as a kind of exorcism


Sanfermines: The best fiestas in the world

On July 6, a rocket known as the chupinazo kicked off the mother of all Spanish fiestas. A million people from all over the planet come to Pamplona every year for the Sanfermines, an orgy of sound and color that lasts nine days and nights, and where no one is looking at their watch. This year San Fermín is looking to catch its breath in the wake of ‘La Manada’ sexual assault case. Here is how the biggest party in the world gets going


Jürgen Habermas: “For God’s sake, spare us governing philosophers!”

On the eve of his 89th birthday, one of the world’s most influential living thinkers is looking spry as he offers his view on the most pressing issues of our time from his home in Starnberg, including nationalism, immigration, the internet and Europe


Sánchez Mejías, the intellectual bullfighter, returns to the arena

A museum paying tribute to the matador and writer opens in town where he was gored to death in 1934

Cultural heritage

What will become of the Sijena spoils?

Uncertainty remains over future of religious artifacts removed recently from Catalan museum


Zuloaga: more than just a painter of Spanish clichés

Mapfre Foundation shines new light on artist with exhibition including works by Picasso and Rodin


In defense of Sanfermines

Political correctness, ignorance and moral righteousness are all enemies of the Pamplona fiestas


Eight things you need to know before heading for San Fermín

Get the low-down on what to do, where to do it, and how in Pamplona over the next week


Cuban-American millionaire to donate art treasure trove to Spain

US collector Roberto Polo to hand over 7,000 contemporary artworks to two Spanish museums


Picasso’s last living Spanish friend

José Luis Galicia says that he played a role in bringing the Guernica mural into Spain


The Guernica treasure that turned up at Madrid’s flea market

Collector finds scrapbook capturing horror of bombing through eyes of repentant fascist photographer

80th anniversary of Guernica

Eighty years on, reconciliation in Guernica

EL PAÍS brings together a survivor of the Civil War bombing with descendants of two of the Germans responsible


The Trip to Spain: Michael Winterbottom tackles Iberia

Filmmaker joins Steve Coogan and Rob Brydon to mull over food, the universe and everything else


Bosch exhibition shatters visitor records at Spain’s Prado Museum

Some 600,000 have seen largest collected body of work by creator of ‘The Garden of Earthly Delights’

Running of the Bulls

Your local, “loco” guide to the festival of San Fermín

An itinerary for rookies and returning runners alike to get the most out of this famous red-and-white orgy


Passing on the secrets of the world’s most mysterious book

A Spanish publisher has been chosen to create a facsimile of the ‘Voynich Manuscript’

Masterpieces by Bosch, Tintoretto and Van der Weyden to remain at Prado

Government plans to turn down a petition to have them transferred to a new royal museum

Vega Sicilia: 150 years of legendary winemaking

Spain’s most prestigious winery, once favored by Churchill, among others, refuses to increase output


What the heck am I doing here? A guide to running with the bulls in Pamplona

A personal account of the inexplicable madness that fuels the San Fermín festival every July


Film academy chief to step down

González Macho says his decision is final - unless “strange and dangerous” candidates emerge


Culture minister blames busy schedule for Goya Awards no-show

José Ignacio Wert will not attend annual Spanish cinema celebration after jeers at precursor event

Cinemas begin ticket promotion

300 theaters offering reduced-rate movies on Wednesdays


Málaga’s Pompidou moment

City mayor jumps gun in announcing tie-up with French cultural institution Artwork from collection to be shown in the Spanish city yet to be decided

“In my time, the whole Miss Spain thing was a serious affair”

Baroness Thyssen talks art collecting, beauty contests and turning 70