Esperanza Aguirre’s hit-and-run may be tried as a crime, says Madrid court

Former regional premier’s defense contends that April incident was just a minor contravention

PP chief proposes coalition to combat Catalan independence drive

General secretary of party, María Dolores de Cospedal, accuses secessionists of totalitarian attitude


Chile’s business sector blames the economic slowdown on reforms

President Michelle Bachelet rejects claims and says deep change is needed to end inequality


“Sexists off the lists”

Bolivian activists successfully push for resignation of candidates accused of domestic violence

Masterpieces by Bosch, Tintoretto and Van der Weyden to remain at Prado

Government plans to turn down a petition to have them transferred to a new royal museum

Who are Spain’s 17,621 “aforados?”

A guide to the many dignitaries who enjoy immunity from standing trial in the lower courts


15,000 members of Spain’s legal profession could lose their immunity

PP government wants to eliminate “aforamiento” for judges, attorneys and justices of the peace


TV shows fined for showing sexual content at children’s viewing times

Antena 3 and Telecinco will pay €150,000 each for airing explicit stories about prostitution


Jordi Évole: A voice that breaks the silence

The satirist’s show about the Valencia Metro tragedy has shown him to be a peerless investigator