British Embassy brings Brexit information event to Madrid

Ambassador Simon Manley and the Consular team will be on hand in February to provide the latest information for UK residents in Spain, as well as to address their questions


Popular Party chief advocates return to Spain’s restrictive 1985 abortion laws

“If we want to fund pensions and healthcare we need to think about how to have more babies and not about how to have terminations,” argues Pablo Casado


Do Spaniards have an inferiority complex? Here’s what foreigners have to say about it

Germans, Argentines, Norwegians, Americans and Brits weigh in on what truly makes Spanish people unique


¿Qué? podcast, episode four: Another fine mess for Pedro Sánchez

In the fourth of our new audio series, journalists from the English Edition examine the delicate position of the Spanish prime minister, and consider the ongoing crisis in Venezuela


One mistake after another

The Spanish government is venturing into slippery terrain by allowing an ill-defined figure to be present at cross-party talks about Catalonia


El Roto

El Roto cartoon, February 7, 2019


Opposition calls for street protests to “throw out” Prime Minister Sánchez

The calls from the Popular Party and Ciudadanos came after it emerged that a “rapporteur” will be present at talks between Madrid and Catalan political parties


Prime minister goes to Strasbourg to defend Spanish democracy and law

Pedro Sánchez will meet with the head of the European Court of Human Rights and give a speech to respond to Catalan separatists’ arguments that there are political prisoners in Spain