New coronavirus outbreaks force first area in Spain to move back to a previous deescalation stage

Around 67,700 residents of Aragón were placed in Phase 2 of the government's plan on Monday, just a day after the entire country entered what has been dubbed the ‘new normality’


The 12 days of ‘Operation Bug’ – The Madrid region’s disastrous plan to save its senior residences

Based on documents, messages and audio recordings, EL PAÍS has reconstructed how the regional government put the lives of elderly care home residents in the hands of an inexperienced company chief during the peak of the coronavirus crisis in Spain


IDB: A bank of ideas, not ideology

The last thing Latin America needs right now is instability at one of the institutions that provides the greatest cohesiveness


Spanish archaeologists recover new treasure from famed ‘Mercedes’ shipwreck

Thousands of artifacts, including bronze cannons, silverware and candelabras, have been excavated from the frigate which made headlines after a US treasure hunting company removed 600,000 coins from the wreck


Crowded beaches and lines for tobacco: What day one of Spain’s ‘new normality’ looked like on Sunday

The country emerged from the state of alarm yesterday after nearly 100 days, with flights restarting, people traveling to their second homes, and play parks reopening


El Roto

El Roto cartoon, June 22, 2020