Spanish government confirms details of relaxation of coronavirus confinement measures for minors

From Sunday, children aged under 14 will be able to go out for accompanied walks between 9am and 9pm, within a one-kilometer radius of their homes


Coronavirus deaths in Spain stabilize: 435 in the past 24 hours

Although there was a rise in new cases and daily fatalities, the infection rate has remained steady at 2%


El Roto

El Roto cartoon, April 22, 2020


Screens between tables and sanitary welcome kits: How Spain’s tourism industry is preparing for life after lockdown

One luxury hotel in Madrid plans to tests guests for the coronavirus, while restaurant owners in the southern province of Cádiz say they do not know whether they will survive the fallout from the crisis


Spain will begin deescalation of coronavirus measures without knowing the incidence of the epidemic

The serological survey that has been announced by the Health Ministry will begin on Monday at the earliest, and is due to last for eight weeks