Spain to monitor online fake news and give a ‘political response’ to disinformation campaigns

The government will be the arbiter of what constitutes such stories with no representatives from the media or journalist associations involved in the process


EL PAÍS teams up with Gymglish to offer personalized English lessons

Readers who sign up will receive a 21-day free trial of the online classes which are adapted to a student’s specific needs


EL PAÍS reaches 110,000 subscribers after launching digital subscription model

In just four months, 64,200 readers have signed up to receive unlimited access to the publication’s online content, placing the newspaper as the leader of Spain’s press market


EL PAÍS appoints Javier Moreno as new editor-in-chief

Soledad Gallego-Díaz will continue to write for the paper once she steps down after two years in the role


EL PAÍS launches its digital subscription model

For €10 a month, readers will get unlimited access to content from a newspaper that is a reference point in the Spanish-speaking world. The English Edition of the daily will remain open to all readers


Adoptions in Spain

Take a look at how the practice has changed over the past decade


Graphic: Operation in Málaga to rescue Julen Roselló

Click anywhere on the infographic to see the various stages of the mission to locate the two-year-old, who fell down a borehole on January 13


Graphic: Trial against Catalan independence leaders

The Public Prosecution and Solicitor General have filed their written accusations against the separatists

Housing crisis

How tourist apartments are hurting Madrid’s neighborhoods

Platforms like Airbnb are pushing up the cost of rent and forcing locals to move out of the city center

24 horas de Daytona

24 Hours of Daytona

Fernando Alonso competes for the first time in the endurance test with United Autosports team. The test will serve as preparation for the 24 Hours of Le Mans.


Spanish general election 2015: As it happened

Popular Party is the most voted, leaving a highly fragmented Congress. Socialists maintain second place in terms of number of seats, but are closely followed by Podemos. Ciudadanos finishes fourth. Participation slightly up on 2011 polls


An interactive map of foreign visitor spending in Spain

Find out what the Brits spend in bars or the Italians spend on clothes during their Spanish vacations in this BBVA survey graphic


The origin of the LGBT rainbow flag

Where the symbol of the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender movement came from


Are you rich, poor or average? Calculate your share of the pie

An OECD application lets you compare your income levels with those of the rest of the population

City ecosystems

Urban areas play host to a wide variety of flora and fauna that should be protected

Map of cancer mortality rates in Spain

The maps show the areas where there is higher or lower risk of dying from each cancer type

The Spanish Armada’s losses

The fleet lost 24 ships and 6,000 men on its return journey along the coast of Ireland

Groups and schedule

La expansión del grupo radical suní Estado Islámico (EI)

Zonas controladas por los yihadistas y últimas acciones relevantes en Irak y Siria

The first day of King Felipe VI’s reign

An outline of the planned events for the coronation of Spain’s new monarch on June 19

The underground city that’s damaging a town

Work to create a network of cellars in Navalcarnero has raised the ire of the public and the opposition, due to cracks and subsidence above ground

Congress’s 45 bullet holes from the 23-F coup

The railway industry and high-speed trains in Spain