EL PAÍS offers free Spanish lessons with Gymglish

Readers who sign up will receive a 15-day free trial of the online classes, which are adapted to a student’s specific needs

Readers who sign up before the end of the year will receive a 21-day free trial.
Readers who sign up before the end of the year will receive a 21-day free trial.David Molina Grande (Getty Images/iStockphoto)

EL PAÍS has partnered with language-learning company Gymglish to offer online personalized lessons in Spanish. Readers who sign up before the end of the year will receive a 15-day free trial, with no further commitment required.

The lessons only take 15 minutes and are available online. Before starting the course, students will be given a free language assessment to determine their current strengths and weaknesses. This information will then be used to adapt the Spanish lessons to their needs, abilities and goals.

Every day, students will receive a new 15-minute class that is sent to their inbox. At the end of each lesson, students will be given immediate corrections and personalized explanations about their mistakes. Gymglish uses AI software to then customize the next daily lesson.

Once the course is completed, readers will receive a diploma with statistics on their level of Spanish, learning progression and participation.

About the course

The Spanish-language course is called Hotel Borbollón, and uses storytelling and humor to motivate students. It follows the story of Ana Borbollón who must choose between her successful career as a surgeon in Argentina and taking over her family’s struggling hotel in Madrid.

The setting and personalities – including the hotel’s disgruntled staff – are designed to expose the student to various accents and different personal and professional situations.

About Gymglish

Founded in 2004, Gymglish creates adaptive language courses aimed at optimizing long-term gains and memorization by providing students with short but regular 15-minute classes – instead of long and intensive training.

The lessons are also designed to be fun: the content uses up-to-date issues, native accents and authentic cultural references. Students can also choose the topics that interest them.

Gymglish is based in Paris and is made up of a team of 50 people. In addition to English, the company also provides courses in French, Spanish and German.

In its 15-year history, Gymglish has worked with more than 50 million users across the world.

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