The entrance to Málaga Civil Hospital, where two patients have been isolated after showing flu symptoms upon returning from northern Italy.

Nearly 1,000 tourists in isolation at a Spanish hotel after man tests positive for coronavirus

Hospitals race to prepare contingency plans in case of an outbreak despite EU disagreement on how to detect cases


Spain tops EU for asylum requests due to influx from Latin America


Spanish family donates Málaga home to migrants

A newly renovated house in the heart of the Andalusian city promises to brighten the future of youths Nabil, Hassan and Bilal


Spain ready “for any scenario” amid global coronavirus outbreak

Natural disasters

Spain’s Canary Islands hit by Saharan sandstorm


The Catalans who conquered California


Why I voted for Vox



Populism. Polarization. Post-truth. These are the drivers of today’s politics


El Roto


Britain: Friend or rival

Europe must strongly and calmly defend its own interests in the post-Brexit agreement with London

Catholic Church gets a record €284m of donations from Spanish taxpayers

Spain to introduce tougher asylum requirements

No water, toilets or electricity: Life in Spain’s shameful shanty town

Why college graduates are leaving Spain’s deserted interior for Madrid

European Court of Human Rights backs Spain in express deportation case

Spain’s invisible multi-million-euro marijuana business


‘Motive’ – The US podcast investigating an alleged rapist from the Spanish city of Seville

Russian spy detected in Catalonia accused of poisoning Bulgarian arms dealer

General Denis Sergeev, who is linked to the elite military group Unit 29155, is being investigated by Spain’s High Court for two visits he made to Barcelona ahead of the illegal referendum on Catalan independence

US disconcerted at Spain’s apparent change of tack on Venezuela

Official calls PM Pedro Sánchez’s failure to meet with Juan Guaidó during the latter’s visit to Madrid “unfortunate”

Spanish rail company wins €5.6 billion contract to operate high-speed network in the United States

Spain delays ‘Google tax’ until December due to US pressure

Spanish farmers stage fresh demonstrations in protest at low prices for their products

Alcohol-laced gummi bears pit Basque youths against German giant Haribo

¿Qué? S04E06: The trial of Willy Toledo and a plan to crack down on Franco apologists

This week we examine how a Spanish actor and activist ended up in court for a Facebook post, and consider the limits of free speech in Spain

Spain’s coalition government clashes over immigration crackdown

Spanish Congress approves first step toward a euthanasia law

PM backs minister over meeting with Venezuelan VP during testy session in Congress

Separatist lawmaker sparks row with remarks about people who “don’t seem to be Catalan”

Spanish PM meets with Catalan premier ahead of talks on region’s future

The shortlist of architectural disasters in Spain

One of the world’s longest Roman aqueducts was in Valencia, scholars discover

Arqua, Spain’s underwater museum, has a problem with leaks

Spaniards still eager to study in British universities in spite of Brexit

Berlin, Paris hoping Spain will stay close to EU’s French-German bloc


Barcelona man reclaims art of small talk through free street conversations

Adrià Ballester, 26, sees the act of chatting with complete strangers as a form of activism in an internet-dependent world where face-to-face interaction is becoming increasingly rare

Madrid’s Fitur tourism trade fair: Around the world in 10 pavilions

Five gems for travelers in undiscovered Spain

Why tourists are digging deep in Asturian mines

Discovering Chillida Leku and the magic of San Sebastián

Let it snow: Spain’s ski season kicks off in style

A journey to Spain’s magical Las Alpujarras region

Spain’s dying railroad towns: Trying to catch a new train to prosperity

These once-bustling centers of activity were largely abandoned when other forms of transportation took over. But the few remaining residents are fighting to preserve their legacy, and to find a new purpose for their crumbling infrastructure

Alleged fraudster ‘Little Nicolás’: “They sent me to a school where everyone was rich except for me”

Ten temples of Spanish tapas

Piqué shakes up the tennis world

Trash city: Why Madrid needs to take a stand against plastic

British journalist Charles Graham-Dixon looks at the ingrained use of this so-called ‘wonder’ material in the Spanish capital, from the supermarket to the local ‘frutería’

Why an American photographer is fighting for Madrid’s Romani community

Eco-friendly Barcelona: Trend or truth?

Why I’m joining the climate protests, and you should too

The Global Observer

How is corruption like snow?

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Expensive murders

While it is too early to know the full extent of the fallout from Iranian General Qassim Suleimani’s assassination, there is no doubt that it will be significant

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Revolting alliances

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Junk TV is more toxic than we thought

EL PAÍS launches new application for cellphones

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