Left to right: Former Interior Minister Jorge Fernández Díaz, former Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy and former state secretary for security Francisco Martínez at an official event in 2014.

Ten covert police operations that took place under Spain’s PP government

Illegally spying on former Popular Party treasurer Luis Bárcenas was just one of the jobs carried out without judicial oversight by a group of officers who also disseminated false evidence against Catalan separatists and the leftist party Podemos. EL PAÍS has reconstructed events based on testimony from their targets


Madrid extends coronavirus restrictions on mobility to eight new areas and recommends residents stay at home

In an unusual turn of events, Health Minister Salvador Illa held a press conference on Friday where he made clear that, in the government’s opinion, the region is not going far enough

Spain reports 10,653 new coronavirus cases but overall incidence falls slightly

Madrid continues to be the region that is being hardest hit by the second wave of the pandemic, followed by the northern areas of Navarre and La Rioja

A temperature check at Tomás Bretón public school in Madrid.

Nearly 3,000 classes in Spain forced to quarantine since beginning of school year

As Madrid is offered 7,500 military personnel to combat coronavirus spread, experts consider what has gone wrong in the region

Spanish government to consider pardon requests for jailed Catalan separatists

Spanish Supreme Court rules food-delivery riders are employees, not self-employed


Economic physiotherapy

Defining the crisis as an induced economic coma, and not a recession, has allowed for the adoption of a different and sounder strategy


El Roto


Rethinking the European spirit

What unites us? Shared values, culture or history? Are we any more than the sum of our parts? Old ideals are under threat: we must once again decide who we are

Spanish government pressures Madrid to take tougher action against Covid-19 epidemic

‘It is easy to blame us for spread of Covid-19, rather than the people in authority’

Spanish Health Ministry finalizing agreement with regions to reduce coronavirus quarantine from 14 to 10 days

Covid-19 incidence exceeds 1,000 cases per 100,000 inhabitants in 16 areas of Madrid with no new restrictions

‘A third of Spaniards would get vaccinated tomorrow, but another third have serious reservations’

Protestors take to the streets to oppose new selective lockdowns in areas of Madrid, calling for regional premier to quit

Police will not issue fines in the first 48 hours of Madrid’s new confinement measures

Catalan premier asks residents not to travel to Madrid due to rising coronavirus cases

Quim Torra also stated on Monday that he wants passengers arriving in Catalonia from the region via plane or train to be subject to temperature checks

Catalonia Day celebrations highlight divisions between separatist parties

Events were scaled back due to Covid-19 concerns but were still attended by 59,000 people, according to one estimate

Waiting for tourists in southern Spain’s ghost coast

Spanish economy shrank 17.8% in the second quarter due to coronavirus crisis

Spain’s new decree on working from home – everything we know so far

Fearing new coronavirus lockdown, Spaniards look for bigger homes outside of the city

Spanish triathlete lets rival cross the line first after making mistake at the finish

Diego Méntrida was just a second behind British competitor James Teagle, who became disorientated during the final meters of the race in Santander, northern Spain

The immigrants who built a fruit empire in Spain

How the Spanish Tax Agency followed the trail of Shakira

Dutch soccer fans told to pay €1,500 to Roma women they humiliated in Madrid

The accused apologized via video link for throwing coins at beggars in Plaza Mayor ahead of a Champions League match in 2016

West Nile virus outbreak in southern Spain claims fourth victim

The mosquito-borne disease has spread to Cádiz province, where three patients have been hospitalized and one admitted to intensive care

US demands hinder Spanish probe into alleged CIA ties to security firm that spied on Assange

Spanish PM meets Madrid chief over Covid-19 measures, warns of ‘very tough weeks ahead’

Spain drafts bill against remaining legacy of Franco era

Echoes of Franco as Spain’s far right tells PM his government is ‘worst in 80 years’

Spain to negotiate travel corridors to its islands with Britain, Germany

Madrid’s Teatro Real forced to cancel performance after audience protests lack of social distancing

Barcelona’s iconic Sagrada Familia needs ‘miracle’ to meet 2026 completion deadline

The story of Madrid’s abandoned ‘beach’ for its working class

Pedro Almodóvar shares preview of new short starring Tilda Swinton

The weekend that the creator of ‘The Wire’ spent arguing with Twitter users about Spain

David Simon got drawn into sometimes bitter exchanges about politics, Franco and the meaning of some choice Spanish phrases after Unidas Podemos leader Pablo Iglesias recommended his latest show

The forgers of God

Four Spanish Claretian priests put themselves at risk to try to save 155 Jews from Nazi persecution between 1940 and 1944 in Paris. During that period, fake baptisms were carried out in a clandestine operation that was kept strictly under wraps; until now

Fernando Simón: dissecting the public face of Spain’s coronavirus crisis

La Paz: a Madrid hospital at war against Covid-19

Coronavirus: The war of our generation

Neurotechnology can already read minds: so how do we protect our thoughts?

An analysis of three Covid-19 outbreaks: how they happened and how they can be avoided

The real Covid-19 death toll in Spain: at least 44,868 victims

The problems Spain’s outdated data methods have caused during a 21st-century pandemic

ccu cgg cgg gca – The 12 letters that changed the world

Reconnecting with nature: five trails for forest immersion in Spain

What to keep in mind if you are planning a vacation for September

¿Qué? S04E10: UK ambassador to Spain Hugh Elliott discusses the coronavirus crisis

We also catch up with Chris Dottie, the president of the British Chamber of Commerce, and Martin Makepeace, the president of the British Association of San Antonio, Ibiza

The Three Amigos

While it is too early to know the full extent of the fallout from Iranian General Qassim Suleimani’s assassination, there is no doubt that it will be significant

Four ideas damaged by Covid-19

What do international cooperation, Washington’s prestige, fiscal austerity and globalization have in common?

Parking lots, coughing and the pandemic

Bureaucracies tend to hide their mistakes, especially in authoritarian countries

What else is going on?

Covid-19 is our most pressing problem, but other events are highlighting important global trends

A personal blog about a global experience

US student Nell Snow was an intern at the English Edition of EL PAÍS in Madrid – until the coronavirus epidemic broke out and forced her to make some difficult choices

EL PAÍS launches new application for cellphones

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