A ward for coronavirus patients in a hospital in Barcelona.

Spain adds 537 coronavirus deaths to official toll, a new second-wave record

While fatalities rise, new cases, hospitalizations and admissions into intensive care units are on a downward trend, according to the latest Health Ministry report


Spanish government secures pledge for budget deal with Catalan, Basque support

A supermarket cashier during Spain’s lockdown.

Should the supermarket cashier get vaccinated first against the coronavirus?

A new study suggests giving people with the most social interactions, and not at-risk groups, priority access to immunizations

Spanish court rules conditions of migrants being kept in Canary Islands ‘deplorable’ but not criminal

Spanish coronavirus vaccination drive to prioritize care home residents

Spanish government proposes limiting Christmas meetings to six people, 1am curfew on New Year’s Eve

Canary Islands tourism industry rails against PCR tests


The winner of the US election? Polarization


Credible relationships and flexibility: how tech transfer works in times of Covid-19


El Roto


The long goodbye to Donald Trump

If millions of citizens refuse to believe that the US elections were clean, despite a mountain of evidence to the contrary, how can we start to dialogue with them?

Spain’s King Felipe VI enters 10-day coronavirus quarantine after contact tests positive

Spanish PM announces ‘unique’ vaccination strategy via the country’s primary healthcare system

Madrid will close its borders for 10 days in early December

Spanish PM predicts that ‘very substantial’ part of population could be vaccinated during first quarter of 2021

Why have Spain’s schools not turned into coronavirus hotspots?

Catalonia announces more flexible coronavirus deescalation measures

Spain authorizes Phase 3 trial of Johnson & Johnson coronavirus vaccine

Thousands drive through Spanish streets to protest new education reform

Parents with children in state-subsidized 'concertado' schools say the rules will undermine their right to choose by granting too much power to the state

Dakhla: the departure point for migrants to Spain’s Canary Islands

EL PAÍS travels to this coastal town in Western Sahara where groups of people await their chance to make the journey, despite surveillance by Morocco

Obama: “Significant damage has been done in the US and around the world by Trump”

In a conversation with the editor-in-chief of EL PAÍS, the former president reflects on the current moment and the pandemic, Donald Trump’s four years in power, the polarization in his country and also the future with Joe Biden in charge of the United States. His conclusion is optimistic – a cautious optimism

Why I voted for Trump

After four years of controversy, the histrionic US president has managed to keep his support base. A handful of the people who voted for him in Ohio, a state he won despite his overall defeat, explain why Trump still got their ballot

Trump’s other walls

The Spaniard who holds the record for breaking records

Bike lanes: How cities across the world are responding to the pandemic

British armed forces complete military exercise in Gibraltar’s secret tunnels

Failed launch of Spanish satellite due to ‘human error,’ say officials

EU Commission backs Spain’s protocol against disinformation campaigns

Spain to monitor online fake news and give a ‘political response’ to disinformation campaigns

Spanish Congress approves six-month extension to state of alarm as coronavirus crisis grows

BBVA-Sabadell merger talks cap decade of forced consolidation for Spanish banks

Thousands of workers in Spain could be laid off as second coronavirus wave bites

Spain prepares support package to aid bars and restaurants hit by coronavirus crisis

Not just a tourist destination: Why Spain’s Canary Islands are hoping to attract 30,000 remote workers

A room, a bar and a classroom: how the coronavirus is spread through the air

The K factor: why it matters where we are infected with the coronavirus

An analysis of three Covid-19 outbreaks: how they happened and how they can be avoided

ccu cgg cgg gca – The 12 letters that changed the world

Spanish government drafting legal reform that could lead to release of jailed Catalan separatists

Justice ministry wants to reduce the penalty for sedition to adapt the crime to “current reality"

Ex-chief of Catalan police force acquitted of sedition over 2017 secessionist drive

Spain’s High Court has cleared Josep Lluís Trapero and three other defendants of all charges related to the events in Catalonia, which included an illegal referendum on independence

Oldest Shakespeare play in Spain found in Seville

Alicante, 1918: The other pandemic that also stigmatized the poor

New documentary breaks silence on Franco-era cop’s culture of torture

Spain’s latest ‘Ecce Homo’: how a botched restoration made global headlines

How a street near a Spanish IKEA store ended up with the name ‘I’m Missing a Screw’

A vote by the public saw the thoroughfare get the unusual moniker, but it is not the only road in Spain to end up with a weird and wonderful designation

10 Spanish beaches to enjoy in autumn

Reconnecting with nature: five trails for forest immersion in Spain

The forgers of God

Four Spanish Claretian priests put themselves at risk to try to save 155 Jews from Nazi persecution between 1940 and 1944 in Paris. During that period, fake baptisms were carried out in a clandestine operation that was kept strictly under wraps; until now

Fernando Simón: dissecting the public face of Spain’s coronavirus crisis

La Paz: a Madrid hospital at war against Covid-19

Coronavirus: The war of our generation

¿Qué? – Where to find all the episodes of our Spanish news podcast

The coronavirus crisis has forced us to put the fourth series on hold, but listeners can enjoy previous discussions with hosts Simon Hunter and Melissa Kitson by heading to our listings page

EL PAÍS teams up with Gymglish to offer personalized English lessons

EL PAÍS launches new application for cellphones

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