A senior home in the Catalan city of Lleida, which is at the heart of one of the coronavirus outbreaks in the wider area of Segriá.

Spain records 257 new coronavirus cases, the largest daily rise since May

Most of the infections were detected in areas with confirmed Covid-19 outbreaks, including Catalonia, Galicia and Aragón

Spain’s Unidas Podemos party pushes for sweeping migrant regularization

The junior partner in the coalition government has little congressional support for the move, which would also grant citizenship to foreign workers who provided essential services during the Covid-19 lockdown

A worker wearing a protective face mask cleans a sunbed in a pool area of a hotel at Palma beach.

Spain’s Balearic Islands to make face masks mandatory in all public spaces except the beach

Nine coronavirus outbreaks have been reported in the archipelago with 42 cases detected and 90 people under surveillance

As the weather gets hotter, Spain’s remote workers move to the beach

Catalonia makes face masks mandatory in all public spaces

Italian and Spanish PMs meet in Madrid ahead of EU recovery fund summit

No protocols, no guidelines: 71% of Spain’s health workers lacked means to fight coronavirus, poll shows


Scratches, scars, or permanent damage

A recovery plan that is as large and generous as necessary needs to be designed, without obsessing over the cost


El Roto


Covid-19 and the wounded uterus

There would be no death, bleeding or suffering if abortion were recognized for what it is: a medical necessity

Catalonia may introduce home confinement to contain coronavirus outbreaks in Lleida

Couples separated by coronavirus travel ban: ‘If I’m hit by a car, he won’t be able to come see me’

Final round of coronavirus study confirms that 5.2% of Spanish population has antibodies

A snapshot of new coronavirus outbreaks in Spain: Two ‘comarcas’ confined and two buildings in quarantine

Galicia ‘comarca’ becomes the latest area in Spain to be confined due to coronavirus outbreak

Madrid reports first coronavirus outbreak with five mild cases

Spain may have access to Covid-19 vaccine by early next year, says science minister

Spanish tourism industry feeling the loss of high-rolling visitors

Brussels forecasts a 10.9% contraction of Spanish economy in 2020

Government, unions and business leaders sign deal to reactivate Spanish economy

Fiscal reforms and hikes on highest rates of income tax ‘inevitable,’ says Spanish prime minister

Recipient of €65m from Spain’s emeritus king claimed money was a gift and not a bid to hide the funds

EL PAÍS has had exclusive access to a statement made in 2018 by businesswoman Corinna Larsen, who is being investigated over money-laundering allegations in connection with a transfer made by former monarch Juan Carlos I

Two businessmen caught flooding Barcelona’s supermarkets with fake condoms

Catalan police say the individuals have sold 15,000 packs of the counterfeit products and 41,000 more without proper EU accreditation

Jailed Catalan separatist leaders may be placed in more flexible prison regime

Spain resorted to ‘gag law’ more than ever before during coronavirus lockdown

Spain approves ‘new normality’ rules as Covid-19 cases rise

Spain’s security council downplayed risk of coronavirus pandemic in early March

Spain reopens border with Portugal after three-month closure due to coronavirus

The move comes after the EU began to reopen its borders to 14 countries that have been approved by member states

Spain expresses concern over toppling of historical statues in United States

The Foreign Ministry has told US authorities it is worried about the damage caused to figures like Christopher Columbus amid the anti-racism protests

An analysis of three Covid-19 outbreaks: how they happened and how they can be avoided

The problems Spain’s outdated data methods have caused during a 21st-century pandemic

Six Spanish provinces saw twice as many deaths during Covid-19 crisis as in a normal year

ccu cgg cgg gca – The 12 letters that changed the world

How to survive summer in Spain: Air conditioning or fans?

As the thermometer starts to soar, EL PAÍS looks at the advantages and disadvantages of each device with respect to both environmental and health factors

José Ignacio Goirigolzarri: ‘Political conflict doesn’t save lives or create jobs’

The president of Spanish bank Bankia says politicians should make a concerted effort to understand one another

Antonio Huertas: ‘We have to break the mental confinement’

Ignacio Galán: ‘If we accelerate clean energy, we could create 300,000 jobs now’

Rafael del Pino: ‘We have to get people back to work as fast as possible’

Ana Botín: ‘Europe should understand that solidarity is not charity’

The story behind the hoax English Edition headline that spread like wildfire on Twitter

The man who took the photo of the machine-translated webpage explains to Verne how an “innocent joke” among friends turned into viral sensation accusing EL PAÍS of incompetence

La Paz: a Madrid hospital at war against Covid-19

The Spanish capital’s icon of public healthcare is now dedicated almost entirely to coronavirus patients. EL PAÍS spent three days inside to see how the daily battles are being fought

Coronavirus: The war of our generation

Višnja Pavelić: The daughter of a Croatian dictator who lived as a recluse in Madrid

The Spanish illustrator who dissects politics for ‘The New York Times’

EL PAÍS appoints Javier Moreno as new editor-in-chief

¿Qué? S04E10: UK ambassador to Spain Hugh Elliott discusses the coronavirus crisis

We also catch up with Chris Dottie, the president of the British Chamber of Commerce, and Martin Makepeace, the president of the British Association of San Antonio, Ibiza

Four ideas damaged by Covid-19

What do international cooperation, Washington’s prestige, fiscal austerity and globalization have in common?

Parking lots, coughing and the pandemic

Bureaucracies tend to hide their mistakes, especially in authoritarian countries

What else is going on?

Covid-19 is our most pressing problem, but other events are highlighting important global trends

Pandemic reactions, exaggerations and confusion

While it is too early to know the full extent of the fallout from Iranian General Qassim Suleimani’s assassination, there is no doubt that it will be significant

A personal blog about a global experience

US student Nell Snow was an intern at the English Edition of EL PAÍS in Madrid – until the coronavirus epidemic broke out and forced her to make some difficult choices

Why tourists are digging deep in Asturian mines

Discovering Chillida Leku and the magic of San Sebastián

EL PAÍS launches new application for cellphones

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