Failed launch of Spanish satellite due to ‘human error,’ say officials

Inverted cables caused the rocket carrying Spain’s SeoSat-Ingenio and France’s Taranis to deviate from its course, ruining a mission that cost 10 years of work and €200 million


Mission to launch Spain’s first Earth observation satellite fails after rocket veers off course

The European Space Agency reported a deviation of trajectory eight minutes after lift-off


New discovery fills gap in Atapuerca’s history of human evolution

Two stone tools found in the world-famous archeological site in northern Spain provide answers about its early inhabitants


Fighting Covid-19: The pioneers of dexamethasone in Spain

Spanish doctors have been using this corticosteroid medication on patients on ventilators and oxygen support since March. But while it is justified for the critically ill, it can be dangerous for others


Coronavirus confinement measures may have saved 450,000 lives in Spain

New study of 11 European countries concludes that lockdown has had a major effect on reducing transmission of the SARS-CoV-2 virus


Spain records its first case of a cat with coronavirus

Researchers insist animal infections are “anecdotal” and that there is no evidence of pets being able to transmit the disease to humans

Scientific research

Spain’s scientists burdened by legal uncertainty and lack of funding

Luis Serrano and María Blasco, representatives of the most prestigious research centers in the country, warn that contract issues and financing delays hinder their daily activities


Cannibalism or burial ritual? The mystery of the dismembered child in El Castillo cave

Researchers are studying the remains of a young boy found at the archaeological site in Cantabria to determine why his tongue was pulled out after his death

50th anniversary of Moon landing

The Spaniards who helped with the Moon landing

Fifty years ago, a handful of technicians from the country were recruited by NASA to assist the US astronauts on their historic mission. This is what they said about the experience


The rattle that united a mother shot in the Spanish Civil War and her 83-year-old son

Catalina Muñoz Arranz took the toy with her to her execution, and nearly eight decades later it has been returned to her child, who was just eight months old when she was killed


Antarctica: a trip to the heart of global warming

An expedition of scientists investigates the impact of climate change in the Antarctic, home to 90% of the planet’s ice


Spanish Civil War: The woman who took a baby rattle to her execution

Archeologists found the toy lying next to the body of Catalina Muñoz, who was shot in 1936 and buried in Palencia, northern Spain


“Europe wastes 30% of food, it is an ethical scandal”

Bernhard Url, head of the European Food Safety Authority, discusses Europeans' concerns about chemicals and pesticides, the obesity epidemic, organic agriculture and sustainable food production


The chilling extinction of Spain’s last glacier

The frozen expanse of Monte Perdido is receding at an alarming rate and could disappear within three decades


Woman’s cancer recovery brings fresh hope of medical breakthrough

After US success, Spanish researchers will conduct similar trials to test new immunotherapy method

Spanish politics

Astronaut minister: “We still have time to put Spain at the forefront of science”

Pedro Duque, at the helm of science, innovation and universities in the new Socialist government, has promised to get rid of the bureaucratic barriers to scientific research

Renewable energy

Spain’s biggest renewable energy center languishing under fund freeze

Despite big budget, restrictions have triggered firings and shutdowns at the state-of-the-art Almería Solar Platform


Where to see the solar eclipse in Spain

The astronomic event of the year can be partially observed from the mainland and the Canaries


Meet the woman looking for aliens under your feet

Penelope Boston has studied some of the most spectacular caves on Earth in her search for microbial life


Squat of the Antarctic

Thirty years ago, Jaroslav Pavlicek built the only private base on the frozen continent. But now it could be demolished over safety fears


1,800-year-old Roman shipwreck found off Spain’s Balearic Islands

The vessel, thought to have been carrying fermented fish sauce, sank off Cabrera


Spanish-led study could help save Earth from meteorite impacts

Investigators believe results of analysis may help design future asteroid deflection missions


Abortion requests on the rise in South America amid Zika fears

The number of women seeking terminations has doubled in Brazil, Ecuador and Venezuela, says new study


Lack of government threatens Spain’s role in Europe’s future energy strategy

Can politicians prepare the country’s bid to host an EU test facility for nuclear fusion in time?


A Mars landing ‘made in Spain’

A Spanish-designed shock absorber and heat shield will be key to a European mission to the Red Planet


Spanish research team publishes blood cancer breakthrough

University of Oviedo scientists identify protein imbalance that leads to leukemia


Stephen Hawking: “I have learned not to look too far ahead, but to concentrate on the present”

The physicist and author has died aged 76. Read here an exclusive interview he granted to EL PAÍS in 2015