Taxi drivers throughout Spain strike in protest at new licenses for Uber, Cabify

The association representing private-hire vehicles has reported assaults against drivers and widespread damage to cars

Impact of Barcelona attacks

Barcelona’s tourist sector cautiously optimistic after terror attacks

Shops in Catalan city admit sales have slumped, but that visitors are steadily returning


How Spanish eggs have avoided European pesticide crisis

Farmers expect increased exports after strict controls see them spared in contamination scandal

tourism industry

Number of foreign visitors to Spain staying in tourist apartments soars by 33%

Hotel sector calls for regulation of online accommodation platforms such as Airbnb

Labor conditions

More work but less money: Spain’s new salary trap

As economy recovers, job creation is up, but many positions are temporary and part-time


As their licenses lose value, Spain’s taxi drivers fight Uber and Cabify

Nationwide strikes focus on getting the government to reduce the number of livery cars


Spain: Vacation rentals offering more beds than hotels for the first time

New report tracks rise of short-term tourist lodging in 22 major cities, and finds exponential growth

Tourism industry

Spain’s tourist sector 2017: more visitors, higher prices and better hotels

Survey by Deloitte shows 70% of directors in sector see continued growth throughout this year


Spain will drop out of the world’s 25 largest economies by 2050

New forecast predicts that emerging nations will take up the top global GDP positions


Spain ranks third as Plan B for foreign investors fleeing Brexit

Study on effects of UK referendum finds Madrid is fifth most attractive European city and Barcelona 10th


Spanish hotel boss warns sector is feeling first effects of Brexit

President of leading Meliá chain talks of slowdown in number of Brits booking holidays in Spain


75 million and counting: Spain shattered its own tourism record in 2016

Total spending by foreign visitors to the country rose by 8.3% to €77 billion last year


Bullish Spanish retailers bring forward their winter sales

Major chains and department stores are “optimistic” and expect to hire temporary staff


Spanish retailers gear up for Black Friday 2016

Some brands are already advertising their upcoming discounts, while others prefer to remain coy


Spain turns back on burials as cremations gain ground

Incineration is an increasingly popular option but the pope’s ban on scattering ashes raises issues


Are Spain’s immigrant detention centers in breach of human rights law?

Testimonies highlight unclear legal status of many detainees who have committed no crime


Violent crowd disrupts talk by Socialist ex-PM at Madrid university

Aggressive protesters insulted Felipe González and PRISA chairman Juan Luis Cebrián