Spanish Congress to suspend jailed Catalan deputies from their seats

The new parliament is convening today, and will likely follow regulatory guidelines against the pro-independence leaders caught up in criminal proceedings


Jailed Catalan separatists take seats in Congress and Senate

The five pro-independence leaders have completed the paperwork to assume office after the Supreme Court granted them permission to leave jail, where they are being held in custody for their role in the 2017 separatist drive


Spanish government headed for defeat in Congress over 2019 budget

Parties that support Catalan independence are unlikely to back Prime Minister Sánchez’s plan, meaning that a general election could be called for the coming months


Catalan premier refuses to remove separatist symbols from public buildings

This marks the second time that Quim Torra has ignored instructions from election officials, who are seeking to ensure political neutrality ahead of polls in April and May


Spain and UK reach deal to curb tax evasion in Gibraltar

The agreement sets out stricter rules to determine the fiscal residency of individuals and businesses


Spanish government set to approve exhumation of Francisco Franco

The dictator’s family, who will be given 15 days to choose an alternative resting place, have promised to fight the decision at the Supreme Court


Center-right parties clinch deal to end Socialist power in Andalusia

But a government by Ciudadanos and Popular Party depends on support from the far-right Vox party


In new setback to Franco reburial, religious leader denies access to tomb

Spanish government says it will forge ahead with plans to take late dictator out of Valley of the Fallen


Jailed pro-Catalan independence leaders call for peaceful protests on Friday

Widespread demonstrations are planned in Barcelona to coincide with a meeting there of Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez’s Cabinet, something that has been interpreted by some as a “provocation”


Popular Party chief claims Catalan premier wants “bloodshed” and “civil war”

Pablo Casado accused the prime minister of being weak at a charged congressional session on Wednesday


Spain’s Popular Party uses schoolteacher murder case to support life imprisonment

In the wake of the killing of Laura Luelmo, the conservatives are the only group that wants to keep legislation that went into effect in 2015


Spanish PM: Catalan politicians creating narrative of “lies and grievances”

Socialist Party chief Pedro Sánchez hardened his tone against the supporters of independence in Congress today, comparing the situation in the region with Brexit


Franco family: “The only alternative is that he stay in the Valley of the Fallen”

Grandchildren of the Spanish dictator say they will fight to rebury his body in the landmark La Almudena cathedral if they cannot stop the exhumation


Spain’s PM and Podemos leader sign deal for biggest wage hike in 40 years

But the success of the socially progressive budget plan depends on uncertain support from Brussels and from Catalan separatists


Three months after ouster, Mariano Rajoy seems happy with life in the slow lane

Former Spanish PM has overcome the shock of the no-confidence vote and is now enjoying meals with friends and regular office hours at a property registrar’s office


Opposition calls into doubt doctoral thesis of Spanish prime minister

In the wake of the resignation of Health Minister Carmen Montón, focus has turned onto Pedro Sánchez’s academic record. The Socialist Party, meanwhile, is calling on PP leader Pablo Casado to quit


In Madrid, Macron and Sánchez see eye to eye on EU immigration policy

Heads of France and Spain produce eight-point document detailing views on how to solve migrant crisis


Spain does U-turn on Cuba and Venezuela in favor of dialogue

Socialist Party Foreign Minister Josep Borrell says the days of hard-line policies and sanctions are over

Latin America

Found: Missing Spanish teen held by a sect in the Amazon rainforest

Peruvian police have detained the head of a cult accused of holding three women hostage

Spanish Politics

Spanish PM taps Russia supporter for National Security Director

Army reserve colonel Pedro Baños is a regular contributor to Russia-funded outlets ‘RT’ and ‘Sputnik’

Spanish politics

Former PM Mariano Rajoy and his team await comfortable future

Members of the defeated Popular Party government can return to their civil servant positions, and most also retain their status as deputy

International relations

Spain and Venezuela agree to rebuild ties after months-long diplomatic spat

Spanish government suspects Nicolás Maduro wants to restore relations to improve country’s international standing as it heads into elections


With official visit to Argentina, Spanish PM turns page on Kirchner era

Mariano Rajoy begins a two-day trip to reinforce bilateral business ties and encourage investment


Puigdemont’s release from custody risks rift between Spain and Germany

Spanish authorities question use of EU warrants after German justice system dismisses rebellion charges against former Catalan premier


Will Brits in Spain be able vote in municipal elections?

Politicians and diplomats are vague about post-Brexit voting rights of some 300,000 British expats


Spain expels Venezuelan ambassador as crisis with Maduro deepens

The Cabinet decision comes in the wake of Caracas declaring Spain’s chief diplomat in the country persona non grata


EU’s Brexit negotiator seeks to calm concerns on Madrid visit

Michel Barnier meets with government representatives and business figures and offers support to Spain over Gibraltar question