Madrid’s Chinese residents march against crippling bank account freeze

In the largest turnout for this community, around a thousand people protested what they see as racist policies that target them unfairly as part of lenders’ crackdown on money laundering


Yes, your children are watching porn. And this is what it does to them

It’s never been so easy to watch pornography. And never before has it been watched by so many young people. Nowadays, kids of nine are viewing sexually explicit material that is free and accessible 24/7 online, a virtual, 21st century sex education that warps adolescents’ approach to their first adult relationships


El Roto

El Roto cartoon, February 15, 2019


As a general election is called, which policies will have to be shelved?

The Socialist Party government of Pedro Sánchez has been in power for nearly nine months, and will now have to abandon a number of plans in areas such as health and climate change


Spanish government set to approve exhumation of Francisco Franco

The dictator’s family, who will be given 15 days to choose an alternative resting place, have promised to fight the decision at the Supreme Court


Have Spaniards turned their back on the Mediterranean diet?

More than half of the country have swapped fresh fruit and vegetables for processed foods rich in saturated fats and sugars, according to new studies