Prior at Valley of the Fallen demands state hand over its keys to monument

Father Santiago Cantera, who is fiercely opposed to former dictator Francisco Franco being exhumed from the site, took exception to an unannounced visit by civil servants


With Brexit looming, memories of Gibraltar border shutdown resurface

Communities on both sides are observing the 50th anniversary of Franco’s decision to close all access to and from ‘The Rock,’ and recalling the dramatic effects that it had


El Roto

El Roto cartoon, June 10, 2019


Rafa Nadal: “I was hurt, I lost my energy”

After scoring his 12th French Open victory, the Spanish tennis champion admits he briefly considered dropping everything when he was going through a tough emotional period


Bank of Spain improves economic growth outlook for 2019

Strong internal demand pushes forecast up to 2.4%, although supervisor warns about the effects of a wage hike and external factors


Fakes and piracy are costing Spanish companies €6.8 billion a year

According to a new report, sectors such as fashion, pharmaceuticals and cosmetics in Spain are losing more than 10% of turnover to counterfeiting