Two fishermen dead and three missing after boat sinks off Asturias coast

Crew of another vessel managed to rescue survivors from the sinking ship

Antonio Banderas returns to native Málaga for Easter vacation

US-based actor and director taking part in city’s religious processions

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Girl kept as slave for nine years in Argentina by followers of pagan cult

Victim found wasting away in a garage, surviving on the leftovers of a well-fed monkey


Avoiding instability

The squatter incident in Andalusia could have been avoided had everyone acted in less of a hurry


Ex-UDC official and Andorran businessman ordered to report to jail

Government rejects pardons for convicted duo who embezzled EU funds

“Operation Altarpiece” ensnares Galician Church in corruption case

Police uncover ring that awarded grants for restoration in exchange for hiring certain companies


Spain’s child poverty rates on the rise

Save the Children report calls on government to take “emergency measures” Almost a third of Spanish children are now at risk

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Venezuelan students will not give up on their street demonstrations

Protest leader issues demands for talks with Maduro government


Why the train in Spain is more popular than the plane

High-speed rail network overtakes flights as preferred mode of travel

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Government deadline approaches for Mexico’s vigilantes to disband

The self-defense forces will have to register their weapons with the authorities on May 10


“I thought the Germans were serious”

Hundreds of young Spaniards could find themselves trapped after Berlin suspends training scheme


Germany cancels scheme designed to attract young jobless from abroad

Spaniards made up half of all applicants for The Job of My Life The program offered funding for language studies and help finding work

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Fifth mechanical fault in six months sees king’s plane delayed

Engineers manage to repair fuel valve on Juan Carlos’ A-310 to get him to soccer final in time