How Spain is failing to curb food waste

More than 84% of products are tossed directly in the trash without even being cooked, a problem that is also increasing pressure on climate, water, and land resources


Spain’s child poverty rates on the rise

Save the Children report calls on government to take “emergency measures” Almost a third of Spanish children are now at risk


My body, not the state’s

NGOs are campaigning to put sexual and reproductive rights on agenda for development goal talks Led by Amnesty International, the groups cite changes to Spain's abortion law as retrograde

Catholics’ views on abortion differ from those of Church, says new poll

Survey also reveals support for gay marriage

Aid workers under threat

Increasing numbers of attacks against NGOs have reopened debates about safety


Three million Spaniards now live in dire poverty, says Cáritas

Catholic charity talks of people “left in dark” as Spain finally emerges from “tunnel” of recession

budget cuts

The addicts who may be forced to go it alone

A network of charity-run centers was set up to combat the 1980s heroin epidemic, but government cuts could see the Spanish system fall apart

Child Abandonment Scandal

Destitute couple says social services “snatched” their two children

The boys, aged 11 and two, are currently in a juvenile center in Toledo as parents face police complaint


Spain: land of equal opportunity?

Most of the 11 percent of the Spanish population who are immigrants have integrated well But education cuts are starting to slow the process


Fifty percent of second-generation immigrants say they feel Spanish

Differences in education and employment aspirations now minimal, says study


Spain blocks its overseas aid pipeline

Government donated 0.15 percent of GDP when 2012 target had been 0.7 NGOs forced to abandon projects due to drastic withdrawal of funding


If you want something changed, sign here

Single-issue campaign groups and online petitions have enjoyed exponential growth But is all this frenetic energy diminishing the opportunity to create a front against powers-that-be?

Buy me, I’m “Made in Spain”

Brands such as Balay, Renault and Hero are highlighting the Spanish origin of their products to win over consumers Price most influences purchases, research shows


Court order halts emergency medical closure in Castilla-La Mancha

Regional government says it will appeal the decision to stay shutdown of rural services


Locals fight to burst water bubble

Towns rebel against their cash-strapped governments' plans for privatization

“This law is my death sentence”

Cuban immigrant Julio Basilio González relies on informal help to attend his multiple health problems He was denied healthcare because of his lack of residency papers


Actor Willy Toledo occupies the Teatro Español in Madrid

Crowd of 300 outside theater supports star’s protest against culture cuts


“Young people think education is not relevant to get a job”

Spain’s school dropout rates improving but remain among the worst in Europe, says Unesco


Call to tackle “alarming” number of children being whisked abroad

In 2011, 136 minors were taken out of Spain without consent of one of the parents


Politicians fail basic tests to engage with citizens in times of need

Guillermo Collarte, the PP deputy for Ourense, is the latest in a long line of Spanish leaders to show a lack of understanding about day-to-day realities


Suits you: El Corte Inglés ends uniform gender discrimination

Male salesclerks could wear what they wanted while women had to don pant suits

An expanding waste line

Each year, the average Spaniard throws out 163 kilos of often perfectly edible food