128 Spaniards stranded in Germany

Youngsters stuck in city of Erfurt after accepting work-training offer

This week’s movie releases

Hugh Jackman leads a powerhouse cast in abduction drama Prisoners Forest Whitaker serves eight US presidents in Lee Daniels' The Butler

Nice to eat you

Antonio de la Torre gets his teeth into his first bona fide leading role in the acclaimed ‘Cannibal’


Between La Roja and a hard place

The Spanish Football Federation and Brazil engage in patriot games over Atlético Madrid’s Costa

Two injured in Palma stadium explosion

Investigators rule out deliberate blast ahead of Spain-Belarus qualifier


Opposition in Argentina asks: Who is governing the country?

Government maintains that Fernández de Kirchner is in control as she recovers from surgery


Business as usual with Yellen

The Fed’s new chairwoman must dismantle monetary stimulus measures with extreme caution


Three million Spaniards now live in dire poverty, says Cáritas

Catholic charity talks of people “left in dark” as Spain finally emerges from “tunnel” of recession


Business forum sees Spanish labor costs falling further

Country to gain competitiveness over Germany and France as corporations give the lie to minister´s claim that salaries still rising


Domínguez: a poisoned chalice

Spanish authorities are passing around athlete's doping case like a hot potato

Popular Party passes education law with no support in Congress

All other parties refuse to back seventh reform since return to democracy Minister Wert refuses to “waste time” replying to objections “born out of prejudice”


Best option for Syria: stalemate

While Assad’s compatriots cut each other's throats, we can enjoy relative peace


Racing against the clock to find Catalonia's hornet invaders

Hundreds of specimens of "the Asian predatory wasp" were found last month in Vall d'en Bas

Constitutional Court ruling opens way for firms to spy on work emails

Sacked employee who revealed sensitive data sees appeal rejected Justices consider that workplace rules on use of account trump right to privacy


Prize-winning, but is it legal?

La Carpa beach bar wins environmental award despite complaint by Civil Guard


Madrid region suspended breast cancer screening for 30,000 women

Socialists asks PP minister to investigate after local health chief says people are “not at risk”