Catalan premier reshuffles Cabinet lineup, paves way for end to direct rule

Quim Torra has replaced four jailed and self-exiled candidates whom Madrid was refusing to endorse from his choices for regional ministers


Catalonia has a new premier, but for how long?

Quim Torra say his term of office will be transitional, and Madrid has to make decisions on direct rule


Catalan Republican Left rejects fresh leadership bid by Carles Puigdemont

Party calls on Together for Catalonia to “decide on the next steps together” in order to avoid new elections

Crisis in Catalonia

In sudden move, Catalan parliament could swear in new premier today

Separatist bloc agrees to nominate Jordi Turull before potential Supreme Court action against him


Catalonia awaits its third nominee to the premiership in three months

After Jordi Sànchez drops his bid, parliament speaker announces new round of talks with parties


Support for Catalan independence falls to 40.8%, new survey shows

Poll released on same day that ex-chief of Catalan police appears in court over October 1 referendum

Crisis in Catalonia

Secessionists urge ousted Catalan leader to accept a symbolic premiership

Carles Puigdemont would have no formal power, and a legal executive would be created in Catalonia

Catalan politics

Madrid doubts Puigdemont will step aside despite his defeatist messages

Opposition is calling on the ousted Catalan premier to let another candidate bid for the premiership


Catalonia facing a new impasse after vote on leader gets postponed

Delay of investiture session and Carles Puigdemont’s refusal to back down could lead to a new election

Crisis in Catalonia

Can Puigdemont be sworn in as the next Catalan premier?

Ousted leader remains the only candidate, but his success depends on being physically present at parliament

catalan politics

New Catalan speaker under pressure to allow Puigdemont bid

Roger Torrent is being pushed to let the ousted premier be sworn in remotely

catalan politics

Corruption conviction complicates secessionist plans in Catalonia

Court finds CDC, the predecessor of Puigdemont’s PDeCAT, guilty of taking kickbacks for contracts

catalan politics

Separatist deputy is elected speaker of the new Catalan parliament

Roger Torrent of Catalan Republican Left strikes conciliatory tone in first address to assembly

catalan elections

Ex-officials in Brussels hold key to separatist majority in Catalan parliament

Separatist bloc needs other party members to fill their vacant spots in regional chamber for key votes

catalan politics

Ex-Catalan official seeks release from jail as he mulls bid for the premiership

Oriol Junqueras tells Spanish Supreme Court that he is a man of peace who supports dialogue

Catalan elections

Iceta: “Either I’m the premier or a pro-independence leader will be”

The leader of the Catalan Socialist party is convinced that he can govern without a coalition


Unionist parties to benefit most from expected record turnout at Catalan elections

Ciudadanos and Socialists are set to gain seats, while the Popular Party will plummet according to the polls


Separatist leader eyes alliance with Barcelona mayor’s party after Catalan election

Oriol Junqueras, of Catalan Republican Left (ERC), is exploring post-vote deal with Catalunya en Comú

Catalan elections

Socialists rule out power-sharing deal with separatists after Catalan election

But center-right party Ciudadanos does not trust the PSC, which has also refused to create a unionist alliance

Catalan regional elections

Catalan parties cagey on coalition question as electoral deadline looms

Pro- and anti-independence forces playing cat and mouse as they weigh up chances of success in vote


Ousted Catalan premier to explain trip to Brussels at 12.30pm today

Reports suggest that Carles Puigdemont and five of his ex-ministers are in Belgium to seek asylum, something that could trigger a crisis in a coalition of liberals and Flemish nationalists


Catalan leader weighs Senate appearance over emergency measures

Carles Puigdemont is ignoring suggestions to stop activation of Article 155 by calling early elections

Catalan bid for independence

Catalan premier ahead of Sunday vote: “We have already won”

Carles Puigdemont makes speech to thousands at rally in Barcelona on Friday night ahead of planned referendum on independence

Referendum in Catalonia

Ahead of planned Catalan poll, main opposition Socialist Party sides with government

PSOE leader Pedro Sánchez shows support for PP’s attempts to deal with secessionist challenge

Referendum in Catalonia

55,000 Catalan citizens told to staff polling stations on referendum day

But Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy warns participation means breaking the law

Referendum in Catalonia

Catalan mayors who pledged help with poll are placed under investigation

While they face arrest, colleagues who refuse to help hold referendum get threats from separatists

Referendum in Catalonia

With referendum looming, thousands take to streets for Catalan National Day

Despite tense political climate ahead of illegal referendum, attendance at La Diada march down from previous years