Civil Guard anti-corruption crusader busted for forcing his way into brothel

Sergeant has been suspended for five days without pay over an incident dating back to 2012


Ministry had warned of suicide risk in cell where British tourist died

Family of Antony Abbott has resorted to crowdfunding to pay for a lawyer The British man lost his life while being held in custody in in Benidorm in February


Hunter who killed Cecil the lion was American and not Spanish

Identity of man revealed by head of the Zimbabwe Conservation Task Force (ZCTF)


Unete: the Spanish bitcoin scam that has claimed 22,000 victims

Currency, devised by Spaniard José Manuel Ramírez Marco, attracted €50 million But investors have found that they are unable to get their money back


Survivor of 2007 attack in Yemen demands inquiry be reopened

Fresh details given by an informant could shed light on the killing of eight Spanish tourists

Operation Púnica

Targets in Púnica corruption probe enjoyed lavish hunting trips

Firm under scrutiny in graft investigation took PP politicians on upscale shooting weekends

“We’re hunting Arabs and scumbags”

A neo-Nazi on trial this week was in charge of a youth center funded by the Valencia government

The murky world of multi-level marketing

TelexFree, BlackDever, and in Spain, WishClub… Internet programs or pyramid schemes?


Four hundred pirates on the airwaves

The Valencia region is rife with unlicensed radio stations, which often escape fines from authorities

Three years after Lorca earthquake, the wait continues amid the ruins

Less than five percent of those who lost their homes have been re-housed


Killers walk free after European ruling as lawyer bids to keep teen murderer in jail

Emilio Muñoz was serving 43 years for the kidnap and murder of a young Madrid woman Juan Manuel Valentín was jailed for 63 years for killing nine-year-old Olga Sangrador in 1992

The Valencia pensioner facing eviction because of a simple clerical error

Encarna Pérez, 75, may be thrown onto street due to house number mix-up


From the jobless line to virtual slavery

Spain's tourism sector is having a good year, providing a boost to employment The bad news is that many of these posts are a pretext for exploitation

War makes for strange bedfellows

An exiled Spanish Socialist tells how he warmed to his Nazi boss in Argentina

The grisly tale of the Alicante vet who cremated his own wife

Marcelo Gurruchaga is suspected of murder, but with no body that is hard to prove

“No to Nazis” two decades on

The family of murdered anti-fascist activist Guillem Agulló continues to receive threats


Premises of bakery selling 20-cent loaf shut down by health officials

Owners play down closure as fears of commercial war grow


Splash out then watch the crash

Slew of reports on the ruinous finances of Valencia region puts officials on the defensive Tarnished reputation causes concern for tourism sector

The miracle of the 20-cent loaf

A baker in Valencia claims he has discovered the secret of yeast-based alchemy Hundreds of retirees and jobless people line up for hours to buy his cheap bread

Mr Fix-it: the former plumbing firm owner who became a fraudulent asset stripper

Ángel de Cabo has been arrested for his role in the collapse of Marsans travel group He is rumored to have made use of threats and extortion to line his pockets


Chinese business leader: “Mafia talk is harming investments”

Detention of Gao Ping and other suspects in money laundering case "causing fear"

Extremists disguised as Samaritans

The far right in Spain is aping the methods of Golden Dawn in Greece and gaining ground


The curious case of Valencia’s flameproof cypresses

Resistance of a clump of trees to a devastating forest fire has stunned experts


"I was the victim of the region's debt"

A cancer patient in Alicante was unable to get the drugs he needed