Spain sends crossbow stalker back to Germany to prevent new attacks

Government pays for return flight for Arndt Meyer, who served eight years for attempted murder

A German stalker of celebrities who served eight years in a Spanish prison for attempted murder was deported to his home country on Monday. Arndt Meyer was placed on a flight right after his release from Estremera penitentiary in the Madrid region, where he did time for trying to kill a young actress named Sara Casasnovas with a crossbow in June 2009.

Ardnt Meyer in court in 2010.
Ardnt Meyer in court in 2010.EFE

Meyer had originally been scheduled to enjoy a 30-day period before he had to legally leave Spain. But authorities changed this decision following revelations by this newspaper that the inmate kept a scrapbook filled with photographs of young actresses who could become his next targets.

Prison authorities had also warned that Meyer was “potentially dangerous” and that the actresses in his scrapbook could be at risk if Meyer were walking free.

Investigators are trying to determine how Meyer got ahold of the photographs for his scrapbook

Two weeks ago, government officials in Madrid agreed to have Meyer removed “immediately” at the state’s expense.

On Monday, Spanish authorities delivered the 48-year-old, who suffers from a personality disorder, to the German police. Interpol will keep tabs on his whereabouts, and his name will be included on a register of sex offenders, said Casasnovas’ lawyer, Carlos Castresana, who is a former member of the Anti-Corruption Attorney’s Office.

In Spain, investigators are now trying to determine how Meyer got ahold of the photographs while serving time. After prison workers at Estremera’s Module 5 discovered the sinister scrapbook last October, the inmate said that a worker at a religious non-profit with alleged ties to the German embassy in Spain had passed him the material. The German mission has denied this link.

The theater in Madrid where Meyer tried to kill Spanish actor Sara Casanovas.
The theater in Madrid where Meyer tried to kill Spanish actor Sara Casanovas.Luis Sevillano

In 2016, Meyer received three envelopes from this alleged volunteer. The last one arrived a month before his cell was searched. Following the finding, a court cut off all communication between both men.

The photographs had handwritten captions expressing love for the actresses. “This body and skin are exactly my type!” read one. “In an ideal world, a girl like this would be the type of woman I would make sweet love to and have children with. I would marry her,” said another.

Meyer’s secret scrapbook was discovered while prison workers searched for a cellphone, which is not allowed in jail. Prison authorities suspected that the inmate was still harassing Sara Casasnovas over the telephone – the actress had reported night calls to her private number in 2015 and 2016, as well as the existence of a Facebook page with 80 images of herself as she appeared in a scene from a play: bound and gagged.

Following his conviction, Meyer was barred from contacting Casasnovas or coming near her until January 29, 2020.

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