Bidding wars and scammers: The new life of healthcare procurement officials in Spain

The coronavirus crisis has turned an anodyne administrative procedure into a high-pressure job as regional governments scramble to secure medical supplies on the international market


Face masks in Spain will be compulsory in public spaces where social distancing cannot be respected

The personal protective equipment will need to be worn in closed areas and on the street where a two-meter safe distance against coronavirus contagion is not possible


Spanish regions stockpiling medical supplies in preparation for new Covid-19 outbreaks

Procurement officials have to report their reserves to the central government as part of the national deescalation plan


Antibody study shows just 5% of Spaniards have contracted the coronavirus

Preliminary findings of the survey reveal that over 90% of infections have gone undetected by the healthcare system


Hospital bed numbers will be key requisite for Spain’s deescalation phases

According to orders published today, the government will study applications from each region before a province moves to the next stage


A practical guide for going out on the Spanish streets from today

After 48 days of quarantine, residents of Spain will from Saturday be able to get out of the house for walks and exercise in the open air, but only observing certain timetables and according to age


Spain seeks refund for defective coronavirus tests, after replacement kits also prove faulty

The Health Ministry has canceled an entire order of antigen kits from Chinese company Bioeasy, after already sending back a first batch


Ten of Spain’s regions have detected at least 419,000 posible coronavirus cases

Unlike the 190,000 confirmed patients in Spain so far, these people have not been given tests but present symptoms compatible with Covid-19


Citing coronavirus crisis, Spain retreats on transparency

Requests for information regarding government procurement during the health emergency are going unanswered


Spain sees new drop in daily coronavirus deaths, but total exceeds 15,000

A month after the outbreak began, the country is still struggling to find a reliable way to count the victims


Coronavirus deaths in Madrid for second half of March could exceed official figures by 3,000

Deputy regional premier admits that as many as 3,479 of the people who died last month inside the region’s senior centers showed symptoms but were never counted as official victims of Covid-19


Spain’s intensive care units finally get some respite after coronavirus overload

Admissions in ICUs are beginning to slow after a fall in emergency room cases, but experts call for caution and for the public to keep their guard up


Tracking the coronavirus: why does each country count deaths differently?

France only records Covid-19 fatalities in hospitals, Spain does not include unconfirmed cases in senior homes, and the Netherlands only tests hospitalized patients


640,000 rapid coronavirus tests arrive in Spain

The kits will first be sent out to health workers and then residences for seniors, before being rolled out to the rest of the population

November 10 General Election

Zipcode check: How did your neighbor vote in the repeat Spanish election?

Here is a detailed interactive map of the results of Sunday’s poll, down to each block


Which Spanish products will be affected by Trump’s new tariffs?

EL PAÍS has put together a list of the goods that will be hit by the trade sanctions, which currently account for €900 million of sales for domestic producers a year

Travel industry

Thomas Cook collapse deals massive blow to tourism in Spain’s Canaries

The fall of the British travel giant is already being felt on the islands, with many hotels near-empty and jobs at risk


Zipcode check: How did your neighbor vote in the 2019 local election in Spain?

Here is a detailed interactive map of the results of Sunday’s poll, down to each street block


Zipcode check: How did your neighbor vote in the 2019 Spanish election?

Here is a detailed interactive map of the results of Sunday’s poll, down to each street block


Zipcode check: Which are Spain’s richest and poorest areas?

If you live in the country, use our interactive calculator to find out the average salary in your vicinity, based on 2016 figures from the Tax Agency


In Spain, PM’s travel expenses remain a secret thanks to Franco-era law

Government cites security as the reason not to provide details about Pedro Sánchez’s official trips


66 bridges in Spain have serious safety problems, ministry admits

The figure represents 0.29% of nearly 23,000 structures built on roads managed by the Spanish state


15 million Spaniards are breathing air the EU considers polluted

More than half of Spain is wreathed in air containing excessive levels of particulate matter, nitrogen dioxide and ozone


Iberia, Norwegian and Air Europa top passenger complaints in Spain

In 2017 Spain’s State Air Security Agency reviewed 15,604 claims, representing a 50% rise from 2015


Spain signed €48 million in irregular arms deals with Saudi Arabia

The state-owned company Defex is under investigation for paying illegal commissions to officials and execs in exchange for weapons contracts


Switzerland froze four bank accounts over probe into Spanish arms sale to Saudi Arabia

Investigators at the Spanish High Court say bribes were paid by state company Defex to secure arms contracts


Spanish High Court probes 23 years of bribery in arms sales to Saudi Arabia

State-owned company Defex is accused of paying millions in illegal commission to secure weapons contracts