The payday lenders making a killing in Spain

Desperate borrowers turning to fast and quick loans with interest rates of up to 4,500%


EU wants banks to refund all money earned from mortgage ‘floor clauses’

Spanish lenders face bill of billions if forced to return funds from abusive loan terms

Ranks of Spain’s rich have grown by 40% since start of crisis, study finds

World Wealth Report shows downturn has not stopped people joining millionaires’ club

Why cash is still king in Spain

Only 20 percent of all consumer purchases are made with credit cards, says Mastercard


Ex-IMF chief Rodrigo Rato accused of giving children €2.5m to avoid bond

Investigators claim former deputy PM moved shares to dodge civil liabilities payments

Spain’s BBVA bank undergoes major shakeup to drive digital change

Chairman replaces COO and other execs in move that caught many off guard at lender

Spanish bank customers must hand in IDs by April 30, government stresses

BBVA announces 10-day extension for providing documents, but executive refutes it

Why your bank account may be blocked if you don’t hand in your ID

Looming deadline for lenders to digitalize clients’ personal data could spell trouble


Bankia will ask court for freeze of former IMF chief Rato’s fortune

Ex-politician facing charges of money laundering, tax fraud and asset stripping


Judge orders all former IMF chief Rato’s accounts to be blocked

Ex-Popular Party deputy prime minister denies owning firms in tax havens PP seeks to distance itself from financial crimes probe, calling it a “private affair”


“I trust in the justice system,” says ex-IMF head Rato after arrest

The former government minister was detained last night during the search of his properties He is suspected of committing tax fraud, asset stripping and money laundering offenses

Ex-IMF chief filed for 2012 tax amnesty

Rodrigo Rato is allegedly also being investigated for possible money laundering


Banco de Madrid investment funds will remain on hold until July

Failed lender has yet to return clients’ deposits after investigation triggered a bank run

Banco de Madrid clients will only get up to €100,000 of their money back

Spanish authorities fall back on deposit guarantee limit, rather than bailing out the lender

Banco de Madrid ceases operations and requests a creditors’ meeting

Decision follows bank run triggered by news of watchdog probe into suspect transactions

money laundering

Central bank takes over Banco Madrid

Board of directors resigns as inspectors show up to comb through its accounts


Auditors sent in to Banco de Madrid after laundering probe launched in US

Treasury Department suspects parent company Banca Privada d’Andorra assisted criminals


Caja Madrid’s poisoned credit cards

Savings bank bought off directors with no-questions-asked approach to expenses

Caja Madrid execs were “encouraged” to use their undeclared credit cards

Ten ex-bosses at bank answer judge’s questions about €15.5 million expenses scandal


Santander shares drop after overnight sale to shore up capital cushion

Stock falls 10% after raising €7.5 billion at discount price; move will fuel organic growth

Banking Scandal

Caja Madrid board was paid an extra €15 million, says audit

At least 80 percent of over-payments were made to 12 top members of the bank’s board


Former Bankia chief denies wrongdoing in flotation of lender

Rodrigo Rato claims that merger process was “completely supervised” by the Bank of Spain


Catalan executive to “assume responsibility” over Sunday vote

With two days to go before alternative self-rule referendum, private groups could take over

Ex-IMF chief temporarily resigns PP membership over credit card probe

Under pressure, Rodrigo Rato requests suspension until Caja Madrid scandal is cleared up

Ex-IMF chief ordered to post €3m bond over Caja Madrid card abuse

Rodrigo Rato and ex-bank head Miguel Blesa both held responsible for corporate spending

Caja Madrid chiefs will be able to repay suspect credit card expenses

Three former bank officials set to testify over €15.5m spent on alleged representation costs

Tax office knew about Caja Madrid’s undeclared expense accounts

Inspectors tolerated situation, imposing fines via the back door