Obama to meet with Rajoy in Washington next month

Visit was pre-arranged between Washington and Madrid advisors at Mandela's funeral

Polls differ on level of support for Catalan self-rule

Most Catalans favor referendum but number of supporters for "yes" vote is less clear

Proposed ballot questions differ greatly from Scotland’s planned referendum

British and Scottish governments worked together on text to be posed to voters


Neymar leads Barça rout of Celtic

Brazilian forward scores three as Catalans, Real and Atlético top Champions League groups

Taking aim at the Academy Awards

Made for 40,000 euros in five days, Spanish child-soldier drama makes Oscar shortlist

This week’s movie releases

Steve McQueen tells the harrowing true story of a free man sold into slavery in 12 Years a Slave Peter Jackson's The Hobbit trilogy trudges on with The Desolation of Smaug


Third suspect in child murder case tells court he was in Madrid on day of crime

Man's semen was found on 12-year-old's clothing, but no one can explain how it got there


Searching mothers ask Mexico to help find their children

Central American women cross country in search of offspring who disappeared en route to US


Private sector police officers

The ambiguity of a new law giving security guards greater powers puts basic rights at risk


Energy bill passes Chamber of Deputies after Senate approval

Mexican lawmakers involved in shouting matches and scuffles before vote


The radio revolution

With 15 percent of listeners now tuning in online, internet stations are finding a niche


Valencia soccer club for sale

Board seeks buyer for cash-strapped Primera side, but with a few conditions

regional politics

Catalan party leaders agree self-rule referendum questions

“I will guarantee you that the status vote is not going to be held," says prime minister Voters to be asked: “Do you want Catalonia to be an independent state?”


Growing paramilitary force concerns Costa Rica

"National sovereignty is non-negotiable; it must be defended," said leader of the group


Maduro appoints “parallel mayors” in opposition strongholds

Ruling Socialists won the majority of municipal races but failed to capture major cities


Police go back to work in Argentina as death toll from lootings rises to 12

Fernández de Kirchner government believes unrest was a "destabilization" ploy

Prosecutor seeks jail for royalties agency man who spent €40,000 in brothels

Pedro Farré was top aide to SGAE's then-chairman Teddy Bautista


Opportunity in Ukraine

Defeated by the Kremlin's nimble footwork and hard-hitting punches, the EU can now trust only to the power of the streets if it is to have a second chance in Ukraine

Spain at tail end of EU educational mobility ranking

Just half of most disadvantaged citizens improve on parents' level of studies