Cabinet to ‘hibernate’ Spanish economy in bid to avoid overload of hospitals

As expected, the government on Sunday approved a stricter lockdown across Spain, which will only permit essential workers to leave their homes

Coronavirus deaths continue to rise in Spain, with a record 838 in 24 hours

According to the latest Health Ministry figures, a total of 6,528 people have died, there are 78,797 confirmed infections, and 43,397 Covid-19 patients receiving treatment in Spanish hospitals

Opposition Popular Party backs stricter lockdown, but slams government “improvisation”

Spain’s biggest labor unions also support the move, but businesses warn of “negative impact” on companies

Spanish government tightens lockdown to include all non-essential workers

Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez will convene a Cabinet meeting to approve the measure, which is aimed at slowing the spread of the coronavirus in Spain

Spain sets a grim new record with 832 coronavirus deaths in 24 hours

Fatalities reach 5,704 but the real figure could be higher as untested victims are not being counted, study finds

“Do we have a deal, Pedro?”: an inside look at the clash at EU coronavirus summit

The six-hour virtual gathering on Thursday to agree on a joint statement has been described as one of the most fascinating in recent memory

Spain’s balcony vigilantes: enforcing coronavirus lockdown rules with insults

Supermarket and hospital employees on their way to work report getting yelled at and spit on by neighbors who think they are breaking shelter-at-home orders

Spain records highest daily rise in coronavirus deaths with 769 fatalities

Government officials say that new protective gear is on its way, and insists that the food supply chain is guaranteed

Unreliability of new tests delays effort to slow coronavirus spread in Spain

Health officials say the material was bought from a Chinese company that met EU criteria, but China says the manufacturer did not have an official license to sell its products

Coronavirus in Spain: Five crises rolled into one

Overburdened hospitals, a shortage of protective gear and testing kits that never arrive. The pandemic is reaching its peak without enough resources or a real picture of the true spread of the disease

The surprising similarities between the ‘Spanish flu’ and the coronavirus pandemic

The initial response to the 1918 outbreak was to play it down, and later efforts at disinfection and social distancing proved insufficient to stop the spread of a disease that killed over 147,000 in one year alone

Coronavirus deaths in Spain now exceed 4,000, with 655 in just 24 hours

The total number of infections has passed the 56,000-mark, up 8,578 on the day before

Spanish PM secures congressional support to extend state of alarm

Although opposition parties heavily criticized Pedro Sánchez for his handling of the coronavirus crisis, they voted in favor of keeping the emergency measures in place until April 12

Don Rafael: The Spanish 89-year-old who fled a coronavirus-stricken care home in fear for his life

The story of the senior illustrates that way that the pandemic is affecting such residences in Spain, at which high levels of fatalities are being registered

With 3,434 deaths, Spain now has more coronavirus victims than China

The latest figures mean the country has the second-highest number of fatalities in the world after Italy

Spanish police sing and dance to entertain children in lockdown

The officers went from street to street singing ‘Joan Pequeño’ in an effort to cheer up youngsters confined to their homes due to the coronavirus pandemic

Why is the coronavirus killing nearly twice as many men as women in Spain?

Although both sexes are equally likely to be affected by Covid-19, the fatality rate is higher among male patients, according to a new report from the Carlos III Health Institute

Spanish authorities arrest 926 people for breaking rules of lockdown

Interior minister says most residents are observing the conditions aimed at slowing the spread of the coronavirus, but points out that a four-month sentence has already been handed down to one offender

Spanish army asks NATO for international assistance to fight coronavirus

With the infection rate now surpassing Italy's, the government will extend the lockdown until April 12

Spain’s coronavirus victims rise by 514 in a day, with 2,700 dead and nearly 40,000 infections

“This is the tough week, when we are all waiting to see if the measures we have adopted will take effect,” says health chief

Pollution in Spain falls to record lows amid coronavirus lockdown

The concentration of nitrogen dioxide in Madrid and Barcelona has dropped significantly since the Spanish government declared a state of alarm last week

Madrid starts using ice rink as morgue for coronavirus victims

The army’s Emergency Military Unit will be in charge of transferring the bodies to the center and guarding them until they are removed for burial or incineration

Spanish prosecutors launch investigation after bodies found inside senior homes

Workers say protocols prohibit them from touching corpses and complain funerary services are taking 24 hours to show up

Coronavirus is spreading faster and further through Spain than in Italy

Unlike the Alpine country, where 80% of deaths were in the same three regions, in Spanish territory there has been an accelerated rise in cases in regions that had not previously been affected

In deadliest day yet, Spain registers 462 coronavirus deaths in just 24 hours

Madrid’s Palacio del Hielo ice rink could soon become a morgue for victims of Covid-19. The government expects the peak of infections to be reached this week

The Spanish politicians in coronavirus quarantine

The SARS-CoV-2 virus has affected a large number of former and current public officials, forcing regional leaders and ministers to work in isolation

Spanish airports and ports also closed in bid to slow spread of coronavirus

As at land borders, only residents will be able to enter the country by air or sea, with exceptions for certain professions or for reasons of force majeure