Several Spanish regions to propose curfew as country battles coronavirus surge

Valencia, Castilla y León and Castilla-La Mancha are in favor of nighttime confinements, but Madrid’s position remains unclear


More than seven million people in Spain now facing perimetral lockdowns

Experts say the restrictions on movement, many of which are already in place, will not be enough to stop the spread of the coronavirus without measures aimed at reducing capacity and social activity


Coronavirus cases in Spain top one million as pandemic accelerates

Country becomes the first in Western Europe to hit the symbolic figure while daily reported cases reach new record


Europe moves to limit social contact to household bubbles amid surge in coronavirus cases

The new restrictions are aimed at preventing a total lockdown and mean that people can only socialize with a limited number outside of their home


Confusion persists over curfew plans for Madrid once state of alarm expires

Meanwhile, Aragón and La Rioja have announced new coronavirus restrictions on movement in an attempt to curb infection rates


Spain reports highest cumulative number of coronavirus cases: 322.9 infections per 100,000 inhabitants

The latest report from the Health Ministry recorded 13,873 new diagnoses and added 218 victims to the overall death toll


Costa del Sol gangland shootings: ‘These people solve everything with guns’

Five incidents involving firearms in the last month underscore the problem of drug-related violence in parts of southern Spain


Italian mafia boss mistakenly released after his arrest in Barcelona

Spain’s High Court says it was not informed in time about Vittorio Raso’s ties to organized crime, and has issued a new warrant


Madrid region open to a curfew once current state of alarm expires

Sources from the regional government said they would want it in place from midnight to 6am, so that bars and restaurants could continue with their activity, but outdoor drinking and parties in private residences could be avoided


Spanish government considering nationwide state of alarm to implement a curfew

Health Minister Salvador Illa today confirmed the possibility was being studied, but stressed it would require the support of the regions and opposition parties such as the PP


Navarre declares perimetral lockdown of entire region to contain coronavirus spread

The regional government has also ordered the closure of all bars and restaurants after the incidence rate of the virus reached 945 cases per 100,000 inhabitants


Spain reports record 38,000 coronavirus cases in a single day, bringing total close to one million

The latest report from the Health Ministry included 217 new fatalities and indicated a rise in the hospital occupancy rate of Covid-19 patients


Excess deaths in second wave: 11,000 victims since July

The number of unexpected fatalities calculated by the National Statistics Institute in Spain is double the official coronavirus death toll. The total is nearly 59,000 since March


Why Spain will not ask for €70 billion of its share of EU recovery fund

With interest rates near zero and soaring public debt, the Spanish government would rather focus on the non-repayable grants than on the loans it is entitled to - and it is not the only one


With state of alarm set to end in Madrid, government looks for new ways to control coronavirus spread

The central administration is seeking an agreement on Covid-19 restrictions with all of the regions before the emergency measure expires on Saturday


‘The Lancet’ criticizes Spain’s management of the coronavirus crisis

Prestigious scientific publication says that ‘some regional authorities were probably too fast at reopening and too slow at implementing an efficient track-and-trace system’


Inside Madrid’s underground parties: ‘If the police arrive, you say you didn’t pay to come and that you brought your own drink’

Club owners are flouting coronavirus restrictions by setting up nighttime bars in tourist apartments where up to 100 youngsters gather without face masks


Medieval Spain: the tale of a missing stone and 11 bodies under a wall

Archeologists digging in a village that was once a center of power find several corpses buried in an unusual location


Spain’s health minister predicts ‘short confinements,’ a ‘different Christmas’

Salvador Illa also said he thought that a vaccine would be ready by the start of next year. ‘There are between five and six complicated months left,’ he said


Shutters come down on Barcelona’s bars as coronavirus restrictions bite

EL PAÍS speaks to workers in the hostelry sector on the day that the regional government’s closures across Catalonia were backed by the courts


Second wave ‘probably’ starting to stabilize in Spain, says Health Ministry official

The latest report presented on Thursday by Fernando Simón included 13,318 new coronavirus cases, after antigen test results were incorporated into the data


Spain’s new coronavirus alert system shows four regions at ‘extreme risk’ level

A draft project that must still be discussed with regional officials aims to clarify the criteria for adopting restrictions on mobility


Spanish health minister on pandemic: ‘The situation is worrying, unstable and fragile’

During another tense session in Congress, the conservative Popular Party and far-right Vox called on Salvador Illa to resign and for the state of alarm in Madrid to be lifted


What is behind the spike in coronavirus cases in Catalonia?

Experts blame the rising number of infections on the return to school, lifestyle changes and Barcelona’s relationship with contagion hotspots such as Madrid


Spanish Health Ministry reports nearly 12,000 new coronavirus infections, adds 209 victims to the death toll

The number of admissions in Spain’s intensive care units is rising, with the percentage of beds occupied by Covid-19 patients in the Madrid region exceeding 37%


Jihadist ex-combatant in Spain: ‘I am still living in Guantánamo’

EL PAÍS tracked down three former inmates of the US military prison who were taken in by Spanish authorities a decade ago and still have trouble integrating into society


Faced with rising coronavirus cases, Catalonia closes restaurants and bars for two weeks

The regional government is seeking to reduce mobility and social interaction in the northeastern Spanish region in a bid to flatten the curve