Madrid extends coronavirus restrictions on mobility to eight new areas and recommends residents stay at home

In an unusual turn of events, Health Minister Salvador Illa held a press conference on Friday where he made clear that, in the government’s opinion, the region is not going far enough


As Madrid is offered 7,500 military personnel to combat coronavirus spread, experts consider what has gone wrong in the region

A complete lockdown may be inevitable, epidemiologists believe, with the measures currently in place being too little, too late


Nearly 3,000 classes in Spain forced to quarantine since beginning of school year

The number represents just 1% of the total, but has led to problems for thousands of families struggling to balance work with looking after children in isolation


Spain reports 10,653 new coronavirus cases but overall incidence falls slightly

Madrid continues to be the region that is being hardest hit by the second wave of the pandemic, followed by the northern areas of Navarre and La Rioja


Spain reports 11,289 new coronavirus cases, more than 4,000 diagnosed in 24 hours

Health Minister Salvador Illa warns that “there are tough weeks up ahead for Madrid,” and that “it is necessary to act resolutely to take control of the pandemic in this region”


Waiting for tourists in southern Spain’s ghost coast

More than 80% of hotels on the Málaga shoreline have closed while Cádiz’s are surviving on 20% occupancy this month


Madrid considering new restrictions on mobility and restaurant businesses

The region has also called for “urgent” support from Spain’s armed forces and more than 220 officers to enforce the selective lockdowns in 37 basic health areas


Spanish economy shrank 17.8% in the second quarter due to coronavirus crisis

The decline is the largest since the 1930s, but not quite as bad as the National Statistics Institute had anticipated


Spanish government pressures Madrid to take tougher action against Covid-19 epidemic

The central executive is trying to get regional premier Isabel Díaz Ayuso to leave more decisions in the hands of her health team


Spain adds 241 coronavirus deaths to official toll, the highest figure so far of the second wave

According to the latest data, 36% of intensive care beds are occupied by Covid-19 patients in the Madrid region, compared to the national average of 16%


‘It is easy to blame us for spread of Covid-19, rather than the people in authority’

EL PAÍS speaks with residents in districts affected by the restrictions on mobility about the rise in coronavirus cases and whether the new rules will be able to curb contagion


Spanish Health Ministry finalizing agreement with regions to reduce coronavirus quarantine from 14 to 10 days

Minister Salvador Illa says there is a “broad consensus” for the measure with regional governments, and Catalan authorities have already announced they will implement the change from next week


Covid-19 incidence exceeds 1,000 cases per 100,000 inhabitants in 16 areas of Madrid with no new restrictions

Premier Isabel Díaz Ayuso warns that more neighborhoods may be placed under selective lockdown, while Health Minister Salvador Illa recommends residents in the region stay at home


Spain’s new decree on working from home – everything we know so far

A preliminary agreement was reached on Monday by the government, unions and business associations on a legal framework for teleworking, something that was not a common practice in the country until the coronavirus pandemic hit


‘A third of Spaniards would get vaccinated tomorrow, but another third have serious reservations’

Sociologist Josep Lobera flags up the growing rift in Spanish society due to the Covid-19 pandemic, with millions showing dangerously high levels of distrust towards the vaccine, science and the health authorities


Health Ministry reports 31,000 new coronavirus cases detected this weekend, a third of them in Madrid

Nearly 170 victims have been added to the overall death toll, with more than 11,000 Covid-19 patients currently in hospital


Spanish PM meets Madrid chief over Covid-19 measures, warns of ‘very tough weeks ahead’

The face-to-face between Pedro Sánchez and Isabel Díaz Ayuso signaled a thaw in months of frosty relations as both leaders insisted on the need for coordinated action against soaring transmission in the region


Catalan premier asks residents not to travel to Madrid due to rising coronavirus cases

Quim Torra also stated on Monday that he wants passengers arriving in Catalonia from the region via plane or train to be subject to temperature checks


Madrid’s Teatro Real forced to cancel performance after audience protests lack of social distancing

Patrons in the upper galleries of the theater say that up to 15 people were seated side by side in a row despite the risk of coronavirus contagion


Police will not issue fines in the first 48 hours of Madrid’s new confinement measures

Around 200 officers will carry out daily checks on 26 affected areas in the capital to ensure the coronavirus restrictions are being respected


Barcelona’s iconic Sagrada Familia needs ‘miracle’ to meet 2026 completion deadline

Coronavirus restrictions have all but eliminated visits to Gaudí's iconic basilica, which is funded through entrance fees. Officials meant to finish in time for the centennial of the architect’s death


Protestors take to the streets to oppose new selective lockdowns in areas of Madrid, calling for regional premier to quit

Thousands of demonstrators assembled outside the parliament building on Sunday, to denounce measures that they claimed are “inefficient and discriminatory”


Madrid announces new restrictions on mobility to curb spike in Covid-19 cases

The new measures will affect 37 basic health areas in the capital and in other municipalities with a very high incidence of coronavirus


Chinese hackers accused of stealing information from Spanish centers working on Covid-19 vaccine

Intelligence service says computer systems have been repeatedly attacked in the health and pharmaceutical sectors


Madrid asks central government for help amid chaotic handling of coronavirus crisis

Deputy premier calls on PM Pedro Sánchez to “actively get involved,” and the latter suggests a face-to-face meeting with the regional leader


The immigrants who built a fruit empire in Spain

The no-frills business of selling fresh produce has provided a direct route to prosperity for people who came to the country with very little. A Moroccan family, three Chinese friends and a Bangladeshi entrepreneur are now leading the sector in Madrid


Spain reports 11,291 new coronavirus cases and 162 deaths

The Madrid region continues to face the greatest pressure, with 21% of hospital beds occupied by Covid-19 patients, compared to the national average of 8.6%