Spain’s coalition government clashes over immigration crackdown

The Interior Ministry's announcement of tougher requirements for asylum seekers has upset Unidas Podemos, which argues the policy goes against the governing deal


Spaniards still eager to study in British universities in spite of Brexit

Student applications have risen 30% since the 2016 referendum, but uncertainty remains over the future of the Erasmus exchange program


Video suggests that dead birds found in Tarragona were hit by a vehicle, not killed by a toxic cloud

There are fears over the cause of the deaths, given that the animals were discovered near a Spanish chemical plant that recently suffered a major explosion


Spain to introduce tougher asylum requirements

The Interior Ministry is planning more restrictions in order to adapt to European Union guidelines


Dozens of dead birds show up near Spanish chemical plant that suffered blast

Investigators are ruling out a toxic cloud, but have yet to explain what killed around 100 starlings in Tarragona


No water, toilets or electricity: Life in Spain’s shameful shanty town

EL PAÍS visits the makeshift camp in Lepe, in Huelva province, described by UN expert Philip Alston as having among the worst conditions in the world


Why college graduates are leaving Spain’s deserted interior for Madrid

Faced with limited job opportunities, more and more young Spaniards are moving from their hometowns to find work in the capital


European Court of Human Rights backs Spain in express deportation case

The magistrates ruled that the Spanish government acted lawfully when it returned to Morocco two migrants who had jumped the border fence at the exclave city of Melilla


Spanish government and WHO question cancellation of Mobile World Congress

Organizers of the trade fair are citing causes outside their control to avoid paying compensation


Mobile World Congress organizers cite ‘force majeure’ for cancellation

Postponement or a smaller event were also on the table, says GSMA group, which was forced to take the drastic decision on Wednesday given the stream of firms pulling out over coronavirus fears


Barcelona’s Mobile World Congress cancelled as firms drop out over coronavirus fears

Deutsche Telekom, Orange, BT Group and Nokia were among the latest companies to announce that they would not attend the upcoming tech event


Spanish Congress approves first step toward a euthanasia law

Right-wing parties are accusing the coalition government of wanting to save on pension payments and healthcare costs through a “social engineering project”


Barcelona’s Mobile World Congress overshadowed by coronavirus cancellations

Organizers say the global tech event will go ahead later this month, but as more and more firms drop out, a Friday meeting is likely to determine whether it gets postponed or even axed


Spain’s invisible multi-million-euro marijuana business

Criminal groups are paying as much as €5,000 per harvest to low-income families who agree to grow the drug in their homes


Spanish beaches hit by Storm Gloria struggling to recover before vacations

Towns affected by last month’s extreme weather are rushing to clean up in time for the Easter break, as questions are raised about the sustainability of coastal management


New Spanish legislation aimed at protecting children from violence to be known as the ‘Rhodes Law’

Deputy Prime Minister Pablo Iglesias explained today that the measures against abuse would take their name from British pianist and campaigner James Rhodes


Spain’s social protection system is broken, says United Nations expert

After 12-day visit to country, Special Rapporteur Philip Alston concludes that ‘people in poverty have been largely failed by policymakers’


The Spanish social worker who claimed a dead man’s pension for 33 years

The woman, who is now 83, has pleaded guilty to fraud and document forgery, but will not be going to prison


The Chinese residents of Spain who are opting for a voluntary coronavirus quarantine


The Mudéjar jewel hidden in the palace of the real-life ‘Citizen Kane’

A foundation has discovered that a coffered ceiling belonging to a Spanish church was bought by US magnate William Randolph Hearst and placed in his library


The job vacancies that Spain constantly struggles to fill

In a country with persistently high unemployment, there is a dire need for digital experts but also for mechanics, crane operators and ham carvers


Iberolux: The proposal to merge Spain and Portugal

The mayor of Porto, Rui Moreira, says that the two countries would benefit from closer cooperation


Hundreds of farmers rally in Madrid to demand fairer prices

Protesters are calling on the Spanish government to take action to address the crisis, which they say is threatening the future of the agriculture sector


US embassy issues security alert over rise in sexual assaults in Spain

The warning advises young women to take “precautions” and notes they may find it “very difficult” to handle the Spanish criminal system


Life in Madrid’s coronavirus quarantine

EL PAÍS correspondent Jaime Santirso, who was one of the 21 Spaniards evacuated from Wuhan, describes his ongoing isolation in a military hospital in the Spanish capital


No visits or Christmas outings: The plight of seniors in Madrid’s nursing homes

The records in 11 residences in Madrid show that only 15% had anyone come to see them in summer and only 1% received a feel-good gift on King’s Day


The private life of Spain’s King Felipe

When not in the media spotlight, the 52-year-old enjoys taking his daughters to see movies at a public cinema and strolling through the streets of Madrid