The empowered women of the Spanish Middle Ages

Their role was more complex and varied than the popular stereotypes depicting them as nuns, aristocrats or sinners


Spain expresses concern over toppling of historical statues in United States

The Foreign Ministry has told US authorities it is worried about the damage caused to figures like Christopher Columbus amid the anti-racism protests


Writers, historians react to Mexico’s demand for an apology from Spain

President Andrés Manuel López Obrador’s letter to King Felipe VI draws ire, amusement and perplexity on both sides of the Atlantic


Netflix removes Castilian Spanish subtitles from Alfonso Cuarón’s ‘Roma’

The decision of the streaming service to offer an alternative version on the hit movie had caused controversy, with the director himself calling it “offensive”


Christopher Columbus: A product of his time or guilty of genocide?

A statue of the explorer has been removed from the center of Los Angeles for being a “stain on history,” but Spanish and American historians are at odds over the claim


Deciphering the sex scenes in Spain’s medieval churches

Experts meet to discuss the meaning of highly explicit sculptures made 1,000 years ago


Number of Spanish speakers tops 577 million

Data from the Cervantes Institute suggests that within the next 10 years more people will speak the language in the US than in Spain


Franco’s Masonic photographer

A new book hopes to rescue Campúa’s extensive work from oblivion

Spanish history

Secret papers of Franco frontman rescued from the trash in Madrid

Around 20,000 documents belonging to solicitor close to regime salvaged from skip in Spanish capital


How Big Data is being used to protect a Spanish UNESCO World Heritage site

Ávila is leading an EU project that uses technology to monitor potential damage to its famous walls

Spanish Civil War

The Englishman whose photos captured the smiles of the Spanish Civil War

Alec Wainman documented life near the front for two years, but his work was lost for decades


What can be done to save Spain’s historic buildings from ruin?

Architectural heritage endangered by spending cuts, with rural depopulation a key factor

Language and inequality

The Royal Spanish Academy’s problem with ‘the weaker sex’

Online petition calls for term to be “eliminated” from leading dictionary of language


Busted: student who vandalized Salamanca University facade in 1853

Restoration has helped experts solve mystery behind unsightly graffiti on iconic Spanish building


What mysteries lie behind Salamanca university’s famous facade?

Damage caused by rain, wind and pigeons has complicated restoration of iconic building


A half-century of life through a Latin American lens

‘Latin Fire’ show is centerpiece of this year’s PhotoEspaña photography festival in Madrid

Filmmaker Vicente Aranda dies at 88

Barcelona-born director made 25 features, including 1991’s ‘Amantes’

Cuban photography laid bare

A new book documents how the island’s photographers have depicted the human form


The Kunstmuseum comes to Madrid

Basel gallery allows 170 of its works to leave Switzerland for first time for historic show

The war games of a Mallorcan tycoon

How business magnate Juan March played off the Allies and Germans in WWI to grow his empire

Spain’s first smart cathedral

San Antolín in Palencia has been kitted out with 130 wireless devices They help protect the building from damp, cracks and even wood-munching bugs


A passion for patrimony

A collector from Málaga fears his archive of photography will not end up going on public display

Bringing a lost Goya back from the dead

Restorers are working on a replica of the artist's portrait of ousted premier Manuel Godoy The original was destroyed in the 1808 Mutiny of Aranjuez

fiscal paradises

Spanish baroness is using tax havens, report claims

Exhaustive investigation is result of 15 months of research by investigative journalists


Recreating a Nazi fantasy

Alberto de las Heras' 'Germania' examines the capital Hitler dreamed of creating


Seville architects to build Palestinian cultural center

The €4 million A. M. Qattan Foundation will be located in Ramallah