Ecuador will give Julian Assange’s embassy computers and files to the US

Judicial authorities greenlight search of a room used by the WikiLeaks founder during his seven-year stay in the diplomatic headquarters in London


Spanish police arrest reporter who tried to sell Assange embassy videos

The suspect, who had been convicted of fraud in the past, was part of a ring that attempted to make €3 million on the sale


High Court judge opens probe into recordings of friend of King Juan Carlos

Investigation will examine claims made by businesswoman Corinna zu Sayn-Wittgenstein that the former monarch used her as a front to conceal assets


Spanish secret service, ministers react to alleged recordings of “close friend” of King Juan Carlos

Tapes made by ex-policeman purportedly of Corinna zu Sayn-Wittgenstein appear to suggest the former monarch used the businesswoman as a front to conceal his wealth

Catalonia terrorist attack

Judge probes death of Barcelona terrorist who was shot down by police

Suspect was wearing fake bomb belt when he ran towards Catalan officers after killing 16 in August 2017


The 21 actresses unaware they could be a stalker’s next target

Questions asked after court fails to inform or protect women who appeared in scrapbook kept by Arndt Meyer

Crisis in Catalonia

Catalan secessionist leaders could be barred from office by March

Supreme Court seeks to stop Puigdemont and aides from gaining power before rebellion trial begins


The €10 million luxury spending spree of former Hugo Chávez ministers

Andorra accounts of powerful Venezuelans suspected of corruption reveal lavish outlays


Former ministers of Venezuela’s Hugo Chávez hid €2 billion in Andorra

Leading politicians suspected of taking commissions of up to 15% for awarding state oil firm contracts


How imam who organized Catalonia attacks concealed his radical ideas

Ringleader followed a jihadist manual that permitted adopting the habits and customs of Christians


Catalonia terror cell followed teachings of highly secretive Salafi sect

Takfir wal-Hijra allows for drinking of alcohol and eating of pork to disguise radicalization


Lawyer at center of Odebrecht scandal: “The company bribed more than 1,000 people”

In an exclusive interview with EL PAÍS, the former attorney reveals the key workings of the scheme, which saw millions in commissions paid to the governments of 12 countries


Police recover three of five Francis Bacon paintings stolen in Madrid

The works, which were taken from a private residence, are thought to be worth around €30m


Six held in joint counter-terrorism raid in Spain, Britain and Germany

Four suspects arrested in Palma de Mallorca over ties to ISIS; UK-based imam was their spiritual leader


Jihadist terrorism: Could there be a new attack on Spanish soil?

Thousands of officers from the country’s authorities are working to prevent another atrocity


Spain sends crossbow stalker back to Germany to prevent new attacks

Government pays for return flight for Arndt Meyer, who served eight years for attempted murder


German crossbow stalker set for immediate deportation from Spain

After scrapbook with photos of potential victims emerges, 30-day grace period gets axed


German celebrity stalker involved in crossbow attack set for release from jail

Judge warns eight Spanish actors they are potential targets of Arndt Meyer, convicted in 2010 of attempted murder


The Spanish connection with Trump’s Russia scandal

Alexander Torshin, deputy governor of the Central Bank of Russia and investigated in Spain for money laundering, has infiltrated the US president’s circle


The evidence that implicates Trump’s Russian ally with organized crime

Calls from the ex-politician linked to the US president reveal links with a mafia clan in Russia


Obiang’s Russian front man in Spain paid €140,000 for smear campaign

Spanish journalists investigating leader of Equatorial Guinea targeted by Vladimir Kokorev

Atocha lawyer killings

Fugitive in infamous 1977 Madrid far-right massacre is now a free man

Last arrest warrant for Lerdo de Tejada, who fled Spain before trial for murder of several labor lawyers, has expired


Mexican drug lord in Spain: “Go there and kill her”

Alleged Zetas boss in Europe ordered killings, beatings and kidnappings from Spanish base


Frontman for disgraced Mexican governor handled $7m property portfolio

Further details emerge about activities of Moisés Mansur and his links to Javier Duarte


Frontman for Mexican governor on the run bought €4m Madrid home

Businessman Moisés Mansur has ties to Javier Duarte, ex-Veracruz governor wanted for embezzlement


How Mexico’s Zetas drug cartel uses Spain to ship cocaine into Europe

EL PAÍS investigation explores transfer of 2,100 kg of the drug, which netted the gang $75 million


France to prosecute son of Equatorial Guinea leader

Teodoro Obiang faces charges of stealing millions of euros of public money from former Spanish colony