Repsol board discusses Argentina’s latest offer to compensate for YPF takeover

Argentinean government wants Spanish firm back at Vaca Muerta gas fields


Prime Minister wins broad consensus for political pact

Rajoy goes to Brussels with accord from opposition demanding growth strategies


Impunity for rape

Many sexual assaults go unpunished given that victims often fail to report them

Messi pays tax agency extra 10 million euros

Barça soccer star updates 2010 and 2011 declarations, but still faces probe into earlier irregularities


Málaga woman becomes a symbol of Andalusia’s anti-eviction stance

Leftist administration’s law may face legal tests after warning from Brussels

Three more arrested in Mexico’s missing disco revelers case

Prosecutors believe kidnappings of 12 men stem from gangland rivalries


Protestors gatecrash Bankia shareholders meeting

Lender’s chairman sounds optimistic note during speech

Rousseff responds to protests with call for a referendum on social reform

Brazilian president meets with local leaders and organizers of the popular street movement

Treasury pays highest rates of year for short term bills

The auction marks the completion of the Treasury’s planned debt emissions for the first half of 2013

living history

A republican in Hassan II’s court

After fleeing Franco's Spain, Paquita Gorroño took refuge in Morocco She ended up working for the future king, but never came round to the idea of monarchy


Armed forces lose budget battle

Spain's military cannot be sustained with its current of level funding and debt Chiefs fight to maintain vital capacities but international missions being cut back

Education & Employment

One in four of Spain’s young people neither studies nor works

Nearly two million have ended their courses and cannot find work, according to the OECD Proportion of youth with qualifications but outside labor market has increased by 69 percent

Andalusia targets big-spending Russian tourists

Region wishes to emulate Catalonia’s success in attracting visitors from eastern giant


Court finds pair guilty for baby’s fatal injuries after biker swiped stroller

Motorcyclist was under the influence while infant girl’s aunt acted imprudently in crossing the road, judge rules


Putin’s three divorces

Russian supremo feels betrayed by a middle class he sees as ungrateful for his prosperous reign

austerity impact

Mentally ill prison inmates denied drugs, say prison medics

Interior Ministry cutbacks mean doctors must seek approval for treatment, despite 45-percent rate of illness among convicts