Preference shares crisis brings chaotic protests to Galicia town hall meetings

Judge orders NCG bank to return 73,000 euros to one couple

Cuban film great Camilo Vives passes away at age of 71

Producer was behind classics of post-revolutionary cinema

This week’s movie releases

A fresh franchise is in the offing in the shape of The Host, while Sylvester Stallone makes yet another comeback

Catalan doc beats crowdfunding record

Film that sets out to explain independence process raises 350,000 euros online


Resignation or mockery

Faced with corruption accusation, Pujol arbitrarily “delegates” functions instead of stepping down

Beltway fire systems “entirely failed” during blaze that killed two, says report

Judge informed by police of empty nitrogen tanks and a failure to raise proper alarms

Opposition lawmakers want to know the source of Peña Nieto’s wealth

Mexican president filed a financial statement in January lacking full disclosures


Latin America looks East and West

The EU and the US must not forget that Latin America has ceased to be an interchangeable element, and has instead become a key factor in the end result


Supreme Court to review ex-Valencia premier’s acquittal in suits-for-contracts case

PP’s Camps was found not guilty by a jury in Gürtel trial, despite acceptance of evidence Justices can convict politician or order a retrial

The latest tremors in Lorca

It's almost two years since an earthquake toppled 1,500 homes in the Murcia town Locals are increasingly frustrated over the slow pace of reconstruction and aid


Incomes down to levels of 10 years ago

Number of Spaniards resident abroad rose 6.3 percent in 2012


Drawing on Spain’s diversity

Prado hosts treasures from the British Museum’s trove of Spanish illustrations