How did Spain’s white elephant airport end up with a €10k price tag?

A mystery company put in the only bid for Ciudad Real, which cost €450 million to build


Despite court ban in Spain, Uber drivers return to streets of Barcelona

The car-sharing service has transformed itself into an upmarket food delivery firm


The mystery of Spain’s abandoned drug helicopters

Crashed choppers that nobody wants to claim are cropping up every few months


“I had 130 work contracts in two years”

The number of Spaniards being hired for jobs lasting less than a week is rising Many live an insecure existence, without vacations or sick pay, waiting for the phone to ring


Spain turns its back on the sun

Proposed legislation will stifle small-scale solar and wind energy production, critics warn


The Guadalquivir: a river of drugs

Andalusian waterway is entry point of choice for smugglers bringing hashish from Morocco


Magaluf: the eternal hangover

Scandals only seem to increase the allure of the Mallorcan vacation resort New laws aimed at tackling drunken behavior look set to change nothing

The secret lives of Spain’s work-at-home porn stars

The crisis has led to an increase in amateurs earning money performing live sex acts online

Spanish television’s clap trap

The cash TV firms pay to studio audiences has become a way for some to make ends meet Crisis-hit pensioners, foreigners and the jobless typically earn around €10 for 10-hour days

This story will never go viral

Journalism is rethinking the way it distributes and presents content to hold on to readers These days, sharing articles is more important than reading them

Andorra: a haven no longer?

The Pyrenean principality faces major reforms, ending its status as a fiscal paradise

The homeless who find shelter in Madrid’s Terminal 4

Barajas’ Airport provides a safe place to sleep for a small band of people


The chef who gave up his Michelin star

Julio Biosca asked the guide to withdraw the coveted award it bestowed on his restaurant


The Spanish Sugar Man

Former star Fernando García discovered that remixes of one of his songs were huge hits

Hoaxer or high-flyer? The strange case of “Little Nicolás”

Just how did a 20-year-old student end up rubbing shoulders with Spain’s political elite?

Golden opportunity divides town in rural Asturias

Regional government to decide whether to authorize Canadian mining project in November


“I eat all kinds of things – even mice if they are well prepared”

David Muñoz, the star chef behind Madrid’s acclaimed DiverXo, talks life, food and flying pigs


Opera world mourns passing of “firebrand” Gerard Mortier

Director stirred controversy as head of Madrid’s Teatro Real


Singing cowboys on the Madrid stage

The opera of 'Brokeback Mountain' receives its world premiere at the Teatro Real


Lost Lope de Vega play resurfaces

Prolific Golden Age playwright had included ‘Women and menservants’ on a list of his comedies But it had been gathering dust until 2010


Wagner in the world of video art

New take on 'Tristan and Isolde' incorporates composer's interest in Buddhism


The “Afkham effect”

The young German conductor, who will head the Spanish National Orchestra from 2015, explains why he has such a strong feeling about the Madrid-based ensemble


Will the classical music produced today still be played tomorrow?

Artistic promoters and conducters warn of a black hole in the future


Mortier fired from Madrid opera after row over replacement

Belgian currently undergoing cancer treatment said he would walk away if government imposed a Spanish director


"If the government imposes someone I am not happy with, I'm leaving"

Gerard Mortier is the head of Madrid's Teatro Real opera house He has named six foreign candidates to succeed him, but the Culture Ministry wants a Spaniard


“If the right had done the cleaning up, Spain wouldn’t be so authoritarian”

The famous musician discusses the state of Spain's political system and SGAE


The soundtrack of Europe

From Salzburg to Monegros and from Bayreuth to Benicàssim, the big musical events of the summer lend themselves to food, fashion and travel