Moroccan migrant dies after hiding in vehicle trunk during ferry journey

Brother tried to help his sibling sneak in to Almería by concealing him inside a suitcase


More than 100 migrants enter Melilla after jumping border fence at dawn

40 more were unable to make the crossing after failing to get past obstacles


Brussels accuses Spain of violating EU border laws in Ceuta and Melilla

Interior Commissioner sends harsh letter asking about immigrant beating and deportations


PP seeks to legalize on-the-spot deportations of illegal immigrants

Move comes as 400 sub-Saharans make fresh attempt to jump Melilla border fence


More than 200 would-be migrants attempt to jump Melilla border

Latest incident is second in 24 hours after 10 reached Spanish soil on Tuesday

Civil Guard releases video of spectacular high-speed boat chase

Officers boarded yacht carrying drugs during incident in international waters near Melilla


835 more sub-Saharan immigrants picked up from 84 boats off Tarifa coast

Huge influx by sea continues as over 700 migrants attempt to jump Melilla border fence

Over 1,000 migrants attempt Melilla fence jump

New anti-climb mesh means that just 0.86 percent of border breaches are successful


Around 2,000 African migrants attempt to jump Melilla border fence

Nearly 500 make it over, pushing holding center in Spanish north African exclave “to the limit” Over 2,500 people now sit in facility that only has space for 480


150 migrants cross into Melilla in latest mass border jump

Another 200 get stuck in space between security fences separating Spain and Morocco

Spain deporting migrants back to Morocco on the spot

Government claims sub-Saharans are not yet on Spanish territory and can be returned via fence Existing bilateral agreements involve identifying illegal aliens first


Two dozen immigrants manage to cross border in latest attempt in Melilla

Many of the Sub-Saharans have been returned to Morocco after six hours on the fence


Interior Minister declares “state emergency” during visit to Melilla

Spanish exclaves buckle under weight of mass attempts by immigrants to reach EU soil Kamikaze car entry attempt foiled by officials on Moroccan side


More than 200 migrants successfully cross the Melilla border

Sub-Saharans given medical attention for cuts on feet and hands


Children used by gangs as ‘human passports’ rescued in Melilla

Youngsters were sold to migrants who passed them off as their own to enter Spain